A homebrew Liminal Arc for Chuubo's Marvellous Wish-Granting Engine.

Hundred-Handed is a liminal Gold (Aspect) Arc. It is an Arc for kaiju and other monsters of vast and terrible scale. The Hundred-Handed are great beasts with awesome weapons and terrible vastness but who have not quite left the mundane scale behind and can still, ultimately, be fought by mortal means.

It offers the following abilities:

  • Mythic Strength
  • Awesome Reach
  • Mythic Mantle (Arc 1+)
  • Earthborn (Arc 1+)
  • Terrible Weapon (Arc 2+)
  • Break the Scales (Arc 4)
  • God-Monster of Yore (Arc 5)

This is a liminal Arc, an Arc bordering on the miraculous, which means that miraculous characters may purchase this Arc normally but mundane characters can only purchase this Arc in relatively miraculous games. To pursue Hundred-Handed a mundane character must sacrifice:

  • one Perk slot;
  • all quest rewards until Arc 1 is attained.
  • one 35+ XP quest reward every Arc level thereafter.


Mythic Strength

Type: Special

Upon starting this Arc you may shift 1-2 points from other skills into the “Superior Vitality” skill to represent your inhuman strength.

Awesome Reach

Type: Level 2 Bond
Even before you come into your full power, something about you is clearly of the giant, the behemoth, the titan or one of the innumerable monsters of the world. It might be that you are simply of uncommon size, it might be that you have an animate shadow that can reach out and grab things or six arms or a crab claw. Either way, starting this Arc grants you a 2 point Bond representing you ability to go that bit beyond human limits.

The exact form this takes is down to you but as a broad rule you can:

  • Invoke this Bond when you need to be that little bit stronger, or be able to reach that little bit further, than your normal frame would allow. When facing an Obstacle or entering a contest, add this Bond’s rating (2) to the intention level. Alternatively, when enhancing miracles to this effect, gain 2 Strike.
  • Invoke this Bond when your obvious inhuman nature causes you problems. When you bang your head on low ceilings, or monster-hunters come a-calling, and the HG may give you Will or MP up to your Bond rating. You could also receive this bonus by acting out the part of your mythos, rampaging through towns or brooding up in the hills or contemplating deep beneath the earth.
  • In theory, you can also invoke this Bond to lower your metabolism and live on the scale of gigantish beings, forgoing food, water, sleep and even air. The experience is still about as unpleasant for you as for a full-blooded human though, and you can face Obstacles up to rating 4, you just don’t always die at the end.

Earthborn (Arc 1+)

Type: Special, Superior Skill

Whether through mythic heritage, divine investiture, deviant science or just plain training till you get superpowers, you are no longer fully human. If you have a spare perk slot, receive a free “Superior Immortality” skill perk, with a rating based on your Arc level.

Mythic Mantle (Arc 1+)

Type: Imperial Miracle, (Special)
Cost: 1+ MP

Spend MP up to your Arc level (to a maximum of three) to undergo a monstrous transformation and increase your scale. Usually this transformation will be an increase in size, but it is also possible to remain the same size but transform yourself or your environment in ways that are functionally equivalent to a growth in scale. Examples include growing hundreds of new limbs, or manifesting phantom shadow tendrils all over the local area, through which hundreds of baleful eyes stare down at your enemies. In all cases, the transformation is obvious and monstrous; you are clearly wielding a titanic power in a way that everyone in the local area can perceive.

This has the following effects:

  • As a general rule, the HG should be inclined to waive any Obstacle imposed by you needing to be larger than human-sized to do the task effectively, up to a rating of the amount of MP you spent.
  • In any contest that could be aided by acting on the scale of the giants, your mundane actions will gain a variable amount of Edge. (All else being equal, up to the amount of MP you spent activating this power.)
  • The upper limits of your strength, as defined by your Superior Vitality skill increase as if you had a skill rating equal to your rating plus the MP spent on this power. (It does not actually increase the rating of your intentions with Superior vitality though.)

At the end of the scene, your monstrous powers will fade and you will transform back.

Terrible Weapon (Arc 2+)

Type: Special (Affliction)

Whenever you spend 2 MP or more on Mythic Mantle, you may summon up a great and terrible weapon appropriate to your monstrous nature, which manifests as an Affliction tied to your Arc Rating. This weapon is typically monstrous, overt and disturbing, a horror that you unleash upon the world when the blood runs hot rather than something you carry with you all the time. It lasts as long as the effects of your Mythic Mantle do.

When you first reach Arc 2 you should map out the nature of this Weapon. Examples include:

  • “My right hand destroys everything it touches, while my left hand reincarnates what was destroyed as something new.”
  • “The touch of my shadow tendrils paralyse my prey in place”
  • “My breath is fire and lightning”

Break the Scales (Arc 4+)

Type: Special (Region Property)

When you spend the full 3 MP on Mythic Mantle, your transformation is of such magnitude that you impose a region property on the local area you are inhabiting, which lasts either until the end of the scene or until you get taken out. This region property is an extension of your body, so if you move location mid-scene it moves with you.

You and the HG should come up with the region property when you first obtain this power. It should be an effect you impose upon the environment based on your form rather than a specific power or special attack, though it can involve direct contact with your form. Something like:

  • “[Your name’s] blood scatters like rain, igniting everything it touches.”
  • “[Your name’s] roots and vines continually grow and twist and burrow throughout the area.”
  • “The world around me is burning, and all things move inexorably towards their destruction.”
  • “[Your name’s] thousand eyes twist space and time a little where their gaze falls.”

God-Monster of Yore (Arc 5)

Type: Imperial Miracle (Convention)
Cost: Fully Activated Mythic Mantle +2 MP

Whenever you have spent 3 MP to power up Mythic Mantle to its full potential, you may spend an extra 2 MP to have your legend take on a life of its own. This manifest as a Convention which hangs over the game until either the scene comes to an end, or you get taken out.

You and the HG should come up with the Convention when you firs obtain this power, and it should be an aspect of your story/mythos rather than a strict power or capability you possess. Often it is something that plays out over the entire world rather than being confined to the location you are currently in. Something like:

  • “[Your name’s] presence is an omen of a hero setting out on their journey.”
  • “[Your name] is fated to be slain by the Child of the Sun.”
  • “Where [your name] goes, the spirits of the realm awaken to life.”
  • “People find their true calling in life when they set out to do battle with [your name.]”
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