"And one of them has the greatest power of all… GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNS!" -90's Kid, Atop the Fourth Wall

You like guns. A lot.
Maybe you're just a hobbyist, or maybe you're a soldier of fortune accused of a crime you didn't commit, but either way you have an affinity for guns.

  • Guns -1: You either have serious moral concerns about using guns, or you're just really, really bad with them.
  • Guns 0: You probably think "Call of Duty" is a realistic portrayal of military hardware.
  • Guns 1: You know how to safely own and maintain a typical store-bought firearm, though you probably wouldn't last long in an actual firefight. You are a less racist version of Ted Nugent at this level.
  • Guns 2: You have a good amount of training in a small number of firearms, and regularly visit the firing range to hone your skills. A typical cop would probably be at this level.
  • Guns 3: You have extensive training, and know how to handle a large number of military-grade weapons. A Navy SEAL would be at this level.
  • Guns 4: You know how to use guns in such a way that they never jam, you're never caught off-guard while reloading, and you can perform dramatic feats of precision aiming, even while the world is exploding around you. You are pretty much an action movie star at this level.
  • Guns 5: You always hit your target, never run out of ammo, and you always know where the weapon pickups are. You are an Aimbot at this level.
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