Fishing Magic

This is a magic skill for facilitating or complicating life when fishing, communicating with marine life, and doing prodigious fishing feats. If you come from Earth, or study ancient lore, or perhaps once saved a fish prince or princess from the Lake and they were grateful, you may know how to use this skill.

Fishing Magic is very simple as far as techniques go, but its complexity of invocation increases with its obstacles. Obstacle 1 techniques only require a somatic and verbal component, such as twirling a hand and saying an incantation for a few seconds. Obstacle 2 techniques may require that for a minute or so, or twirling a fishing rod in complicated ways. Obstacle 3 Techniques may require up to an hour of invocation, rare reagents, or some kind of sacrifice or tribute to the lake and the sea. Ultimately though, it’s mostly a matter of putting your mind in the right framework and pouring effort into it.

Fishing Magic has a few non-magical techniques which anyone can learn or imitate, even without the magical Skill:

  • [Obstacle 0] Catch a normal fish with a rod or a net.
  • [Obstacle 0] Sail a boat or ship under normal conditions.
  • [Obstacle 1] Catch a particularly big or slippery fish.
  • [Obstacle 1] Calculate the weight and length of an aquatic creature without using tools.

And the actually magical techniques of this magic include:

  • [Obstacle 1] Summon a generic fishing tool - a rod, net, lure, bait, string, etc.
  • [Obstacle 1] Attune your senses to underwater beings, even from very far away.
  • [Obstacle 1] Cast and extend your fishing line far longer than it should be possible to.
  • [Obstacle 2] Summon a generic small boat or ship of some kind.
  • [Obstacle 2] Talk with any aquatic creature or spirit as though it were human.
  • [Obstacle 2] Catch big or obscure aquatic animals, like great white sharks, whales, or fish so rare as to be practically extinct.
  • [Obstacle 3] Summon any aquatic creature you’ve caught before and command it to do something for you.
  • [Obstacle 3] Take the form of any aquatic creature you’ve eaten before.
  • [Obstacle 3] Catch aquatic supernatural beings, like kaiju, merfolk, selkies, or fish spirits.

Obstacle 4 and 5 techniques emulate other magical techniques at +2, so for them I suggest summoning specific supernatural creatures to aid you - a wise mermaid to divine the future, or an eel spirit to cast a jolt of electricity at someone, for instance.

Summoned objects are spiritual copies of existing kinds. If you summon a generic fishing rod, it’s assumed that one like it could be found in Town or the Outside. Summoned creatures are the real deal, however, so it’s best to treat them carefully.
In all cases, the summoned object or creature usually fades away or returns to wherever it came from by the end of a chapter. Multiple applications of these techniques may render them semi-permanent, but usually it’d be more practical to just go out there and buy or make or obtain whatever it is you’re summoning.

The ‘catch big or obscure aquatic animals/supernatural beings’ techniques make it possible to catch something even if you don’t have the appropriate tools or are not in the correct location for it - for example, catching a great white shark with just a fishing rod, or in Big Lake, where great white sharks don’t necessarily exist. As part of these techniques, you can also enchant your lure to attract a specific kind of creature.

It’s almost universal for users to respect their catches or have associated ritualized habits to power this magic. Abusing it is liable to attract danger from fish spirits, deep sea creatures, or vengeful supernatural creatures. It is also possible that too much use of Fishing Magic may lead users to abandon life on the land, and to become a creature of the waters. Common Bonds for fishing magicians include:

  • Bond: As a fishing-magician, I must free or eat anything I catch.
  • Bond: As a fishing-magician, I must never pass up an opportunity to buy bait.
  • Bond: I am bound to mediate disputes between humans and water-dwellers.
  • Bond: I must protect aquatic creatures that can’t protect themselves (beached whales, species in danger of extinction, etc).
  • Bond: I carry a distinctive smell.
  • Bond: Fish fear me.
  • Bond: I am haunted at night by fish spirits.
  • Bond: I tend to catch more than I can eat. 1

1 The fishing equivalent of biting off more than you can chew.

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