Curling is a team sport that pretty much nobody plays that involves taking turns sliding polished granite blocks (called "stones") across the ground in order to have them come to a stop within a circular target (or "house"), sort of like shuffleboard. While the stone is in motion, players can influence its path by sweeping the ice in front of the stone. Although the sport is about as interesting as watching paint dry simple in theory, Curling requires a great deal of skill and teamwork, which can potentially carry over into a more adventurous scenario.

  • Curling -1: You have no idea what Curling is, and are hilariously incompetent at balancing yourself on the ice.
  • Curling 0: You are not particularly good or bad at Curling.
  • Curling 1: You're either a fan of the sport, or you're a novice in some kind of intramural league.
    • You'll probably have trouble finding applications for your skill at this level. Maybe you can avoid falling over on slippery surfaces?
  • Curling 2: You're pretty good at Curling, and are probably on the school team. (of course Horizon has a Curling team! Why wouldn't they?)
    • By this point you've know how to work well in small teams of 2-4 people.
    • You're also really limber. Sure, you might not be able to do back-flips, but you could probably do a split with no problem.
    • And as a side not, those brooms could really hurt someone if you bopped them over the head.
  • Curling 3: You're really good at Curling. Like, at the level of an Olympic athlete.
  • Curling 4: You are the greatest Curling player (curler?) who ever lived! Yet for some reason girls don't find that attractive when you say that at parties.
    • As NFL SuperPro and Pro Stars taught us, being really good at a sport basically gives you superpowers. Perhaps you can slide exploding curling stones at your enemies, or sweep an area so thoroughly that the cleanliness makes your enemies' brains explode.
  • Curling 5: You are the god of Curling, perhaps literally.
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