Bird Calling

Bird Calling is the secret art of… well, bird calling. Among human it's a little-used magical skill, mostly learned by fussy little fellows with binoculars and safari hats and an unusual interest in grebes. Among the rats of Fortitude, for whom birds make excellent pets and mounts, it is a more respected, if no less rare skill.

Bird calling has a few techniques that,with a bit of work, anyone can learn even without the correct magical Skill (I.e. at a +2 to the Obstacle).

These basic non-magical techniques include:

  • [Obstacle 0] Identify a bird's species by sight.
  • [Obstacle 0] Identify a bird's species by its call.
  • [Obstacle 0] Mimic a bird call you've heard before to attract nearby birds.

The more potent abilities, of course, are restricted to those who are initiated in the secret languages of the birds

  • [Obstacle 1] Befriend a nearby bird to aid you or act as your mount if it is large enough.
  • [Obstacle 1] Call a bird you've previously befriended as long as they're in the same Region as you.
  • [Obstacle 2] Instantly summon a bird you've previously befriended no matter where they are.
  • [Obstacle 2] Call a random bird of a specific species as long as one is in the same Region.
  • [Obstacle 2] Call a flock of birds from within the same Region.
  • [Obstacle 3] Summon and command flock of birds.
  • [Obstacle 3] Summon a bird spirit or other intelligent or powerful bird-like entity.
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