A homebrew Miraculous Arc for Chuubo's Marvellous Wish-Granting Engine.

Note from the creator - shortly after I started working on this Arc, Jenna Moran released Specialist, a Sickly Gold Arc that really hit the high beats of Archetype in a way that was better than my idea. Until I think of how I want to revise it, it's unlikely that this Arc will ever be completed.

Archetype is a Miraculous Mystic Arc. It represents someone who is slowly being consumed by or merged with a transcendental state, a furious power that no mortal flesh was ever truly meant to contain.

This Arc combines an Element, a Purpose, and a Scar - a reflection of the strange power claiming dominion over the character, of the goal it has in store for them, and of the way in which it manifests against their will. At first, this power generally seems benign, and then it becomes terrifying, and finally, if you survive the transition, some kind of equilibrium is gained and you take up your purpose as a living avatar of a higher power. Our example Archetype is the Stray Cat, who is possessed by the holy power of the Kinnoruto Temple and is blurring the line between exorcist and angel.

Archetype offers the following abilities:

  • Signature Style
  • Incarnation
  • Power Mode (starting at Arc 1)
  • Channeling The Divine (starting at Arc 1)
  • Berserk Button (starting at Arc 2)
  • [i]something else[/i] (starting at Arc 2)
  • Divine Strictures (starting at Arc 3)
  • Avatar (starting at Arc 4)

In addition, Main Characters receive the Arc Power Sickly, (pg 489 of Chuubo's) as long as they pursue this Arc.

Choosing Your Element

Characters who are part of an archetype must select an element. This is a power of the natural or supernatural world, which shades and powers everything that they do. Something like the Wind, the Sky, Light, Death, or more esoteric concepts such as the color grey or the moment of a sunrise. A character will gradually gain a tremendous ability to channel or manifest, if not control, their Element.

Choosing Your Purpose

Next, you must decide what your Element wants you to do. Has Light called you forth to Heal The Sick, to Combat Demons, or to Spread Knowledge? Does Death want you to Protect Ghosts from summoners and monsters, or to care for those who fear it, or just to Destroy the Undead? Your purpose can generally be summed up in two or three words.

Determining Your Scar

You are channeling a power that was not truly meant for you, and there is always a cost to such things. Sometimes, this takes the form of a voice that chastises you for your weakness, or a manifestation of power that opposes your own - a demonic force that overtakes you as you fight to defend the dead, or a flame that feeds on your wind. Other times, it will be an overpowering manifestation of your gifts that you can't control - a Light that burns anyone unrighteous, or a touch of Death that withers plants and sickens weak people. Decide roughly how your Scar manifests itself.


Signature Style


Power Mode (Arc 1)

Channeling The Divine (Arc 1)

Berserk Button (Arc 2)

something else (Arc 2)

Divine Strictures (Arc 3)

Avatar (Arc 4)

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