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Mundane Skills

Magical Skills

Superior Qualities/Skills

Miraculous Arcs

Jenna-official miraculous arcs are on Official Miraculous Arcs.

Unofficial Arcs

  • (Blue) Bindings Arcs
    • Insider (Frantic) - An Arc for secret agents, beleaguered bureaucrats, conspiracy theorists, scions of nobility and privilege, supervillains and anyone else who corrupts and is corrupted by organisations and institutions greater than themselves.
  • (Red) Storyteller Arcs
  • (Silver) Emptiness Arcs
    • Grail Seeker (Immortality) - An Arc for questing knights who seek a miraculous grail and wrestle with a terrible curse. Alternatively, an Arc for those who would bring anguish and ruin to the world if doing so would lead to something great and good and wonderful.
  • (Black) Mystic Arcs
    • Archetype (Sickly) - An Arc for those being consumed or corrupted by a transcendent power. [Likely Permanently Incomplete]
    • Witness (Sickly) - An Arc for little priests and grim detectives, and anyone else who clings to their principles in the face of great darkness.

Reality Syndrome Systems

  • Paradox Replay - A System for characters for whom Time need not always flow in one direction

Liminal Arcs

New Arcs

  • (Gold) Aspect Arcs
    • Hundred-Handed - An arc for kaiju, giants and other monsters who are of vast scale, but can still be fought by mortal means.
  • (Black) Mystic Arcs
    • Servant's Rites Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 - An arc from eternity-braid for those who were once Anchors, and now capture some tiny fraction of that power for themselves.
  • Multicolored Arcs
    • Alluring - An (official1) Otherworldly, Storyteller, Shepherd, or Emptiness arc for characters possessed of an unnatural glamor or allure.
    • Gifted - An (official1) Otherworldly, Storyteller, Aspect, or Shepherd arc for characters walking the path of the magician.

1 This Patreon-funded arc is posted on Jenna's Tumblr, not this wiki.


  • Quest Lookup Index — An expanded version of the table from pp. 560-561 of the core book that includes quests from the supplements.
  • eternity-braid's Quest Sets Database (PDF, LibreOffice Base file) - kind of like the quest lookup index, but since it's a database file, you can run other types of searches on it

Stand-Alone Quests

Quest Sets

  • eternity-braid's quest sets - All of the quest sets. All of them. If the "header" post for a quest set doesn't have links to individual quests, check the bottom of the post for the tag of the same name; they'll be there.
    • Ever After: an Emptiness quest set for coming back to ordinary life after an adventure (full Otherworldly arc, some Knight and Mystic quests)
    • Why Being An Autodidact Might Be A Bad Idea: an Aspect quest set for people who get their learning from libraries, and not from schools or mentors, and the problems encountered thereby (full Shepherd arc, some Bindings and Storyteller quests)
    • Faustian: a Bindings quest set for those who end up on the wrong end of a contract with a higher power (some Storyteller, Mystic, and Otherworldly quests)
    • Vigilante's Work: a Storyteller quest set for someone of the frontier-sheriff persuasion (full Aspect arc, some Emptiness and Shepherd quests)
    • The Secret War: a Mystic quest set about the battle for reality taking place behind the facade of normal life (Aspect and Storyteller arcs available, some Bindings quests)
    • If You Believe: an Otherworldly quest set about taking your ideas seriously (full Emptiness and Mystic arcs, some Storyteller and Aspect quests)
    • Cracked Pedestals: a Shepherd quest set about mentorship, and also realizing that even your teachers are flawed (full Emptiness, Aspect, Mystic, and Storyteller arcs)
    • Newcomer: a Knight quest set about exploring new social circles (full Aspect, Storyteller, and Mystic arcs; some Shepherd quests)
    • Missing: an Emptiness quest set about having something fundamental stolen from you (full Bindings and Otherworldly arcs; some Aspect quests)
    • The Dramatic Tales of Cecelia Favreau: an Aspect quest set about finding your way in a troubled world… with an internet connection (full Shepherd and Knight arcs, some Bindings and Emptiness quests)
    • A Basket of Dogs: a Shepherd quest set about having to take care of a large handful of children, animals, etc. (full Bindings, Storyteller, and Aspect arcs; some Aspect quests)
    • The Curious Ventures of Anthony Ott: a Bindings quest set about using dangerous forces to break the video game you live in (full Emptiness and Knight arcs, some Storyteller quests)
    • Scionic: a Knight quest set about trying to inherit a great and terrible legacy that comes with a legendary heirloom (full Aspect, Storyteller, and Mystic arcs)



Miraculous Abilities


As usual, eternity-braid has lots of these too.


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