In this wing we keep notes on fan-created Arcs, Perks, and other mechanical whatchamacalits.


Mundane Skills

Magical Skills

Superior Qualities/Skills

Miraculous Arcs

Jenna-official miraculous arcs are on Official Miraculous Arcs.

Unofficial Arcs

  • (Blue) Bindings Arcs
    • Insider (Frantic) - An Arc for secret agents, beleaguered bureaucrats, conspiracy theorists, scions of nobility and privilege, supervillains and anyone else who corrupts and is corrupted by organisations and institutions greater than themselves.
  • (Red) Storyteller Arcs
  • (Silver) Emptiness Arcs
    • Grail Seeker (Immortality) - An Arc for questing knights who seek a miraculous grail and wrestle with a terrible curse. Alternatively, an Arc for those who would bring anguish and ruin to the world if doing so would lead to something great and good and wonderful.
  • (Black) Mystic Arcs
    • Archetype (Sickly) - An Arc for those being consumed or corrupted by a transcendent power. [Likely Permanently Incomplete]
    • Witness (Sickly) - An Arc for little priests and grim detectives, and anyone else who clings to their principles in the face of great darkness.

Reality Syndrome Systems

  • Paradox Replay - A System for characters for whom Time need not always flow in one direction

Liminal Arcs

New Arcs

  • (Gold) Aspect Arcs
    • Hundred-Handed - An arc for kaiju, giants and other monsters who are of vast scale, but can still be fought by mortal means.
  • (Black) Mystic Arcs
    • Servant's Rites Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 - An arc from eternity-braid for those who were once Anchors, and now capture some tiny fraction of that power for themselves.
  • Multicolored Arcs
    • Alluring - An (official1) Otherworldly, Storyteller, Shepherd, or Emptiness arc for characters possessed of an unnatural glamor or allure.
    • Gifted - An (official1) Otherworldly, Storyteller, Aspect, or Shepherd arc for characters walking the path of the magician.

1 This Patreon-funded arc is posted on Jenna's Tumblr, not this wiki.


  • Quest Lookup Index — An expanded version of the table from pp. 560-561 of the core book that includes quests from the supplements.
  • Starting an Arc (PDF) — All Arc 1 quests, by arc, with short descriptions, as a printable pdf handout. Includes quests from supplements.
    • The Rest of the Quests (PDF) — Remaining quests with short descriptions as a printable pdf handout, arranged by arc. Includes quests from supplements.
  • eternity-braid's Quest Sets Database (PDF, LibreOffice Base file) - kind of like the quest lookup index, but since it's a database file, you can run other types of searches on it

Stand-Alone Quests

Quest Sets

  • eternity-braid's quest sets - All of the quest sets. All of them. If the "header" post for a quest set doesn't have links to individual quests, check the bottom of the post for the tag of the same name; they'll be there.
    • Ever After: an Emptiness quest set for coming back to ordinary life after an adventure (full Otherworldly arc, some Knight and Mystic quests)
    • Why Being An Autodidact Might Be A Bad Idea: an Aspect quest set for people who get their learning from libraries, and not from schools or mentors, and the problems encountered thereby (full Shepherd arc, some Bindings and Storyteller quests)
    • Faustian: a Bindings quest set for those who end up on the wrong end of a contract with a higher power (some Storyteller, Mystic, and Otherworldly quests)
    • Vigilante's Work: a Storyteller quest set for someone of the frontier-sheriff persuasion (full Aspect arc, some Emptiness and Shepherd quests)
    • The Secret War: a Mystic quest set about the battle for reality taking place behind the facade of normal life (Aspect and Storyteller arcs available, some Bindings quests)
    • If You Believe: an Otherworldly quest set about taking your ideas seriously (full Emptiness and Mystic arcs, some Storyteller and Aspect quests)
    • Cracked Pedestals: a Shepherd quest set about mentorship, and also realizing that even your teachers are flawed (full Emptiness, Aspect, Mystic, and Storyteller arcs)
    • Newcomer: a Knight quest set about exploring new social circles (full Aspect, Storyteller, and Mystic arcs; some Shepherd quests)
    • Missing: an Emptiness quest set about having something fundamental stolen from you (full Bindings and Otherworldly arcs; some Aspect quests)
    • The Dramatic Tales of Cecelia Favreau: an Aspect quest set about finding your way in a troubled world… with an internet connection (full Shepherd and Knight arcs, some Bindings and Emptiness quests)
    • A Basket of Dogs: a Shepherd quest set about having to take care of a large handful of children, animals, etc. (full Bindings, Storyteller, and Aspect arcs; some Aspect quests)
    • The Curious Ventures of Anthony Ott: a Bindings quest set about using dangerous forces to break the video game you live in (full Emptiness and Knight arcs, some Storyteller quests)
    • Scionic: a Knight quest set about trying to inherit a great and terrible legacy that comes with a legendary heirloom (full Aspect, Storyteller, and Mystic arcs)



Miraculous Abilities


As usual, eternity-braid has lots of these too.


Character Sheets

  • Tabletop Character Sheet (PDF) - A pair of character sheets plus a quest/issue sheet, optimized for face-to-face play.
  • Extremely large character sheet - A poster that prints as four letter-sized pages, plus two more sheets for the sidebar that holds quest cards, so you can put the Perks and Issues on sticky notes and tape up entire quest cards! Comes in embellished and black-and-white versions. Intended for hanging on a wall, but there is a smaller version that fits on a single sheet for table use.

Player Handouts

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