Maxwell Maxim

Maxwell M. Maxim

Maxwell is a scrawny little dweeb. He looks like a lot of riders: stark white skin, dark hair, eyes full of falling, dying stars.

At school, he wears the traditional school uniform, in the red and black assigned to foreign students. He always has either a pale white umbrella, or a pale white sword. He likes to point it at things and use it to gesture.

Outside of school, he usually wears dark denim jeans and an assortment of t-shirts that say things like, "I went to war against reality, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt," or "Bhartrhari was right!".

He is the living bane of the debate club.

Academics Uneven
Athletic Abysmal
Blood Type AB+
Favorite Animal Butterfly
Favorite Food Apple-Cinnamon Pie

Arc Frantic Emptiness (Alchemist) 1
Basic Quest Struggle (You remember a time before this place. A faded memory of what once was; you were great! And it's easy to fall into the same pattern, to pursue the same lines but.. you're doubting that purpose. That person is dead, that war is over. When you're saying or emoting "I'm a legendary being with terrible power!", Some part of you is saying, "Why am I doing this? Do I really want this?" Once per scene, you can earn a XP by showing that outer emotion.) (0/15XP)
Emotion XP Head-Desk


The Sword
(0/24 XP)

You have a sword that's sometimes an umbrella. You had it when you woke up alone in a strange new land.

It's all you have left, really. It's all that you have of your old life other than your own word.

You don't remember its name, or story or where you originally got it. You remember, so vaguely, that it was always with you and-

-and now, in this terrifying place, so far from home.. You keep it close.

The HG can reward 3 XP towards this quest if:

  • The Sword is stolen, or confiscated by School officials.
  • The Sword is a useful tool for solving some conflict or solving some mystery.
  • Your memories of the Sword help you sort out something in your head.
  • Your Sword contains some terrible secret, or people believe it does.

Once per chapter, you can also earn 1 bonus XP on this quest when;

  • You start a monologue with "Once, with this blade, I.."
  • You take your Sword with you to a pep rally, local festival or detention.
  • You and the Sword witness the bizarre habits and strange practices of the people of the School.
  • People act strange about the fact that you carry a Sword around all the time, even if it does spend time as an Umbrella.
  • You get uncomfortable and tighten your grip on the sword, hold it close, or yank it away from someone.

4 Words That Blossom Like Fires Drawn From the Void (Magical Skill)
2 Transcendental Mathematics
1 Striking A Blow Against Creation With My Terrible Sword
1 Bedeviling, Badgering and Bothering
-1 Stating the Ambiguous or Uncertain


Bond: I am uncomfortable in reality, and soothed by the Outside (Bond 1).
Accessory: A sword. Once it was twice-named; was a powerful tool for slicing through potential and collapsing the quantum wave-form, but.. its names are lost, gone and forgotten. Now it shimmers threateningly, a stark-white sword like blank paper and snow.
It can't really do much more than what a regular sword can, besides turn into a pale umbrella. You keep it around anyway.

Arc Abilities


Statements which contradict reality, which are called Lies or Deceptions or Stories.

They are that which is not, but which is stated. The words that cage and buttress concepts that cannot, or do not, or will not exist.


Maxwell can't really lie.

Oh, he does. He's made it so but-

He shouldn't be able to. His capacity for it is an artifice, a unnatural creation. It's indiscriminate and crude, unlike the refined subtlety of a natural-born ability to deceive.

In a way, his statements are less deception than the opposite of a truth. A axiomatic statement inverted, such that it creates its opposite rather than itself.

His lies have the precision and reliability of an atomic clock, which rather defeats the purpose of telling them.


If Maxwell sticks around anywhere for a few minutes, a region property is formed that says:

Maxwell's statements must contradict that which is.

Collector of Lies and Stories

Maxwell can pluck the capacity for stories and deception out of people. They turn into little silver pens and golden pencils. Without this, people lose the ability to lie or express their imagination in words, tell stories they know to be untrue or whatever.

Their words and stories instead flow out of the pens and pencils, scribbling their lies into the air.

Maxwell can also be a little more discriminate, plucking out specific lies or daydreams or stories out of people's minds. Those usually take the form of little bits of paper covered in whatever story they represent. He likes to keep them in bottles! Of course, people can't tell lies or stories they don't have, but there's no reason they can't make a new one that's indistinguishable from the old.

Maxwell can also try to control people using the connection between liar and lie, turning them into vessels for his will. Usually he does this by scribbling commands in the air with their story-pen or liar-pencil or what have you, or drawing a mirror or window in the air to look through their eyes.


Sometimes when Maxwell takes a particular lie, or steals someone's ability to contradict what is, sometimes when he rips the capacity for self-deception from people-

-well, sometimes they feel better. They stare at the world unvarnished and true, unable to lie or pretend that it's something other than what it is. It can be freeing, to not be able to lie anymore.

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