Lubov Family Magic

Lubov Family Magic

The Lubov's ancient ancestor were demonic matchmaker's and operators of pleasure dens and bawdy houses in Night London. When the sun rose on Town, the Lubov's slowly bred out the incubus bloodline and made pacts with the chubby Cupid spirits of Town and their masters. Their magic makes them matchmakers, star chart romance advice columnists, magical girls and Cupid talkers. They make it their responsibility to help the Cupids in their eternal conflict with the heartbreaker spirits who live to spoil romance and feed on the tears shed from a broken heart.

0-Write up romantic horoscopes to find ideal lovers, bless a particular union's date or proposal, perform a marriage in alignment with the Stars, soothe a broken heart.

1- Conjure up the vestments of a blessed matchmaker, make sparkles, cherry blossoms, sweet scent, mood lighting or other romantic cosmetic effects, call up the attention of a minor Cupid, turn friends into lovers.

2- Turn strangers into lovers, bind a minor Cupid to service, summon a greater Love Spirit, ward a place from heartbreaking monsters, seal a pair of lovers into eternal matrimony that will last into their future reincarnations, mend a broken heart.

3- Blast a beam of pure love-energy from your heart, turn enemies into lovers, command a greater Love Spirit, bind a heartbreaker spirit deep in the ground forever.

I imagine heartbreakers as anti-Cupids, nasty little blue imps that use poisoned blow darts to spread strife, miscommunication, jealousy and anger. They sip the tears with long straws and grow into more frightening demons. Killing one and draining the accumulated refined tears they store in the hollow sack where their heart should be is the normal way heartbreaker cultists harvest their magic.

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