Lily Bishop

"Sultans' harems aren't that different then chicken coops. …I hope?"



Emotion XP:

Academics Skill: good!
Sports Skill: bad
Favourite Foods: Fish! Pork! Rice! Candy! ..
Animal: Rabbit, because I have a pet fox.
Age: 6 and 100 and 18 and 2


:Vice : 1

Resources & Wounds

Will 4/8
MP 5/5
Normal Health [ ] [ ]
Tough Health [ ]
Divine Health [ ] [ ] [X] [X] [X]


(magic) Forbidden Puppetry 3
(superior) (actually a fox) 2
Cleaning, Cleaning, kidnaping 1
Cheerful and cute 3



Miraculous Powers

Arc Trait: Sickly

Dramatic [Wounded Angle 0]

  • Lily (or her commentary) seems to always be there to be commanded when things get complicated. Somehow.

When she can prepare her dolls of wood, stuffing, and fur, they carry with them something angry. You get a +1 or +2 Tool to Forbidden Puppetry when you tie a curse to your dolls.

Divine Health
You receive an additional Divine Health Level, plus one further
additional Divine Health Level for each level you acquire of this
For instance, at Arc level 3, you’d have a total of +4 Divine
Health Levels.

(Cage for a) Blasphemy

  • Inside Lily there is the heart-shaped pillow of Korechey the deathless, The Cross-stitch of the Lilith Shinki, Mother of Demons, and the Cursed Potholders of Meada. If there power escaped it shall bring their ages and rages with it.

Empowered Wounds[W.A. 1+]
You can take your curses and pain and despair, and make it into movement, sense, thought…life! but a hollow and fake life. Just a Puppet in the end.



What happens now?!

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