Elizabeth Lyon

The Bereaved

Name: Elizabeth Lyon
Academics Skill: Really knowledgeable
Sports skill: Decent, really, for a mom.
Favorite Foods: Grilled zucchini, sushi
Blood Type: O
Age: 34


  • Psychiatry 2
  • Connection: Sinirki 1
  • Endure hardship 2
  • Artist 1
  • Mother 1
  • Shine 1

Emotion XP

Offering you Comfort (with this XP token)

The Miraculous

  • Bond: I must be worthy of my rescue, and my rescuer.
  • Affliction: Something always reminds me of the family I've lost.


Unassigned XP: 2


** Knight 0 **: Find a place in Town

Basic Quest

Struggle (Everything is great! / I miss my family)

Arc Quest

Taking care of a small child — but I think I want to modify it a little to a storyline quest, representing that she has 'adopted' an orphaned child, not her own, on the boat to Town, and she now feels responsible for this kid, to find him a family. Whether she'll end up staying with him or finding him a good home in Fortitude I don't know yet.

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