Kurama Ruza

Description: Kurama Ruza is a somewhat ordinary-looking Japanese girl who lives in Arcadia; she looks a bit on the frail side, a little wan — and more than a little pale, though the gaze that she gives more than makes up for any perceived lack of physical strength on her part. She is a shrine maiden that works in Kinnoruto Temple, and is a relatively new shrine maiden compared to her elder exorcists and fellow shrine maidens. However, people regard her with a wide berth, and there are plenty that don't want to associate with her at all. That is because she is said to alone be the anchor that sustains the border between Town and the Outside.

If she were to be hurt, if she were to die

We may not be able to understand the difference anymore. The difference between dreams and reality would cease to exist. And that would be a terrible shame, don't you think?

Still, being a living barrier doesn't excuse one from having to live their day to day lives. It's difficult, and you have a lot of responsibilities, like maths class, or history, or sports and education—

And you've also got the Youkai to tend to, as well. People are very quick to tell her how she should deal with them.

"_Defeat them, for they are malicious and your enemy. They are the Other — they aren't like us. They aren't to be trusted or believed._"

But she doesn't see the wickedness within them.

Does that make her wrong?

Academic: Tries Her Hardest
Athletic: Tries Her Hardest
Blood Type: AB
Favourite Food: Natto
Zodiac: Libra

Living Barrier between Dreams and Reality 5 (Superior Skill)
Shrine Duties 2
Basic Eduation 1


  • I am the living incarnation of the barrier betweeen dreams and reality. {Affliction tied to Gatekeeper}
  • Superior Tengu Wings 2 {from Gatekeeper, representing increasing alienation or inhumanity}
  • Connection 1 (Mimi)
  • Connection 1 (Jane)

Arcs: Gatekeeper (Youkai) 1
Current Arc: Gatekeeper (Youkai) 2

Emotion XP: "It's more than my duty. It's my purpose." (Aww! XP)

Basic Quest: "_Human or youkai, dreams or reality; where do I really belong?_" (XP: 0 / 15)

You’re torn between two worlds or two selves; between:
Youkai-hunting shrine maiden
Who I really am

Ideally, you’ll make a sign for this—a reversible card, which you could in theory have on the table in front of you in play to show which state you’re in. You can earn a bonus XP at any time (though only once per scene/15 minutes) by flipping the card, showing that you’re moving between the two states.

If you can’t actually keep the card in front of you, holding up the card with the relevant side facing people or just saying or emoting something appropriate can earn you the XP instead.

Am I OK? (0 / 40 XP)
You’ve long since started your work with wicked or disreputable things; you maybe even are one. You’re not sure how to live with that. Does it make you evil? A bad person? Trouble? Do you have a place in society? You’re thinking about stuff like that.

Reward: you’ve come to terms with things, a little.[/SPOILER]

Shrine Duties (0 / 35 XP)
You fulfill the ritual functions associated with your shrine.

My Other are the Youkai.
My Principle is Peace.

Oblivious {Affliction - You don’t see the wickedness in those closest to you. Or maybe you refuse to see?}
Youkai Lore {Invoke Youkai Lore to learn the story of a new Youkai.}
Trap (Arc 1+) {Invoke Trap to tell the story of how you bind a troublesome Youkai.}
World-Walking (Arc 1+) {Invoke World-Walking to attune your senses and body to hidden or subtle things in some fashion.}
Consult (Arc 1+) {Invoke Consult to tell the story of how you call upon the Youkai for knowledge.}

Immortality {You’re immune to damage that breaks your paradigm—essentially, you can only die or take an injury when and how it fits your character.}

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