Katja Ivankov

Katja Ivankov, The Scientist


Name: Katja Ivankov
Academic Ability: Excellent, of course
Athletic Ability: Why would I need that? I have the power of science on my side!
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Coffee
Animal: Cat


(Magical) Sufficiently Advanced Science 3 - You are great at constructing super-science-devices, although usually only you can use them
(Magical) Advanced Magical Algorithm Theory 2 - You understand the laws of magic just as well as the natural world and can identify and manipulate magical effects
Hands-On Academic 2 - You are competent at applying knowledge rather directly. (With your fists for example)
Technobabble 1 - The things you say (particularly if science is involved) only rarely make sense
Inquisitive 1 - You really want to know how things work.
Common Sense -1 - You sometimes have problems fitting into mundane situations.


  • Bond: I unravel the mysteries of this Town with SCIENCE! 2
  • Affliction: I gain insight from collateral damage. 2 (Level = Become Somebody Trait)
  • Superior Hunter 2 (Level = Creature of Fable Trait)
  • Dramatic Life: Change into your costume / battlesuit / different clothes instantly
  • Connection: Magical Girl's Club 1
  • Superior Skill: Jellyfish Tentacles 3
  • Power Up: Hands-On Academic + 1

XP and Quests

XP Emotion: (Overacted) Speechlessness

Floating XP: 6

Recharge Tokens: 0

Basic Quest:
For Science! (Work and Study)
Reframe a given scene as one of Katjas experiments by saying something like "Experiment: Start" or "Experiment successful".

Active Arc: Become Somebody

Arc XP: 24/100

Become Somebody 1: Taking Care of a Small Child
You have to take care of your 6-year-old half-brother Maigo. Have fun!
*spend Christmas with Maigo

Become Somebody 2: The Rival


(Knight) Become Somebody - Scientist 2

Your Role: Scientist

Ever since you have been a young girl, you knew what you wanted to be: an adventurous scientist, braving the dangers of the world and ripping it's secrets out of it's fanged maw! Learning and creating, making the world a better place, showing everyone what you can do!
You're not really like a normal earth scientist though, that would be kinda boring. You also aren't one of the Deviant Scientists of Town, not exactly. These fools use - *shudder* the dreaded Steam Science! Unacceptable!
You will show them, with your legion of nuclear-powered futuristic robots, ray-guns and whatever else you can think of!

The Hubris of Man (The Wages of Sin)
… I mean… Girl?

As with any proper scientist, your hubris is your one biggest failing. Nothing is too holy, nothing is too impossible… but it's a slippery slope. It's always a balancing act, not getting carried away, not forgetting you are still just human. That there are maybe things man was not meant to know.

It's also a good thing, though. You can synchronize the metaphysics-circuits in your glasses with the massive Hubris Spirit within you to see the subtle influence Hubris has on the world around you, in strange glowing lines and webs.

Shared Research (Shared Experience)

Above all else, you are a scientist. You can also adjust your glasses to your own soul, enabling you to discern information about other practitioners of science or at least the part of a person that acts like a scientist does. You can essentially mind-read people as long as they operate in a rational and logical fashion.
No peeking on Spiritual journeys or emotional issues, though!

Absolutely True Scientific Facts! (Your Truth)

The Self is… a strange thing. It can be hard to truly know yourself, it is easy to get lost in delusion or denial. Not for a scientist, though! Or at least not for you.
There are a bunch of things that you have figured out about yourself. Things that are so fundamentally true about yourself that they are your anchors in reality. Miracles can't change them, at least not easily, each one is protected by an Auctoritas of the same level as your Become Somebody Trait.
You can add another Truth by spending a Recharge Token.

Your Truths are:

"I am a scientist!"
"I can find a 'scientific' explanation for everything."
"I use my science to protect my friends!"

Field Studies (Adaptable)

Of course you aren't limited to conduct research just in your own lab, far from it. You can fit into almost any situation easily enough, either pretending to be a normal part of the environment while conducting research, or re-framing a situation as one of your experiments.
This activates an Affliction that says "I belong here, as a scientist studying this sitation/environment". The Affliction Rating is your Arc rating.
Costs 1 MP.

Nerding Out (Unstoppable)

Sometimes you get a little bit too excited about your scientific work. No matter what you are trying to build, no matter what you want to figure out - you will. Nothing can stop you and you will stop at nothing. Needs somebody to witness your awesomeness to work. Creates and Auctoritas + Obstacle equal to your Arc Rating for everyone trying to stop you doing science while active.
Costs 2 MP.

Ivankov-Brainwave Emulation Device (Science) (Commanding Aura)
While Nerding Out is active, you can activate your mind-control device to infect other people with your thoughts and values, making them as excited about your work as you are and making them likely to help you in your research in any way possible - like, say, becoming willing test subjects… or making them adept at using scientific methods for problem-solving.

Ivankov-Brainwave Emulation Device (Unscience) (Reject)

You can also reverse the IBED to rob the scientist-ness from others, making it impossible for them to understand your plans or motivations or similar things.

Most Valuable Subject (Touchstone)

You attune yourself to the things you study and gain an intense understanding of the place or person, supercharging your Connection to them to Level 4 while sustained. Anyone trying to break that connection faces an Auctoritas and Obstacle equal to your Arc Rating.

Costs 4 MP

(Storyteller) Creature of Fable SCIENCE! 2

While you are basically human… you are also kind of not. You are also just a bit too stylized and weird to be really real, at least that's what boring people would think.
You are a larger-then-life heroic mad scientist (and maybe evil scientist, sometimes, when you get a bit too carried away) and you're pretty sure people already tell stories of the dashing heroine who saves their ignorant behinds all the time.
Or at least they should. Because you're awesome!

And you just tend to take over the story a little bit with your awesomeness.

And My Latest Invention is… (Between the Boundaries)

You have a long history of creating weird, unreliable and almost always dangerous inventions and experiments. When using this power, you activate it as an Affliction (Rating = Arc Trait) and declare that, in between scenes, you have:

  • pulled out one of your crazy old inventions or…
  • set up one of your insane experiments…

… in the current situation. You'll have to be ready to explain just how you managed to do this, usually by giving a bit of backstory to the invention or explained just why on earth would you set up exactly this experiment, exactly here.
Can also be invoked as a Ritual.

The Scientists' Coat (Iconic)

You always seem to wear a lab-coat and your glasses. Somehow. Even while in your School uniform.
This always lets you maintain your iconic appearance - limited by reason.
If you pay 1 MP, you can instantly don your scientist look as a major miracle, reason be damned.

Superior Hunter

You get a Superior Hunter Perk equal to your Arc Trait.
Sometimes you just have to do that little bit extra work to… "acquire" your test subjects, you know? You got pretty good at it after a while.

Outside-Infused Rounds (Cut the Soul)

You developed special bullets for your railgun, using the bleak and maddening nothingness of the Outside in their production. This is probably a pretty bad idea, but you have to admit, the results speak for themselves.
These babies hurt, and directly into the metaphysics at that. They cut the target off of one of their Traits as long as you sustain the action.
1 MP - use 1/chapter
2 MP - use 2. or later time in a chapter
4 MP - use 2. or later time in a scene

Personality Override Device (Resemble)

A neat little gadget that perfectly impersonates their mannerisms, movements and voice. You'll have to put in some extra effort (read: science skill), but you can create a holographic image around you as well.
0 MP - resume an impersonation from earlier this chapter
1 MP - impersonate somebody
4 MP - impersonate somebody based on minimal evidence

Infallible Thesis (Declare)

Once you get going, you can be really damn convincing. You can explain something with logic so infallible (or insane) that your target has no choice but to believe you.
This will induce an emotional truth within them that will linger for a while, or as long as you sustain it.
0 MP - 1/book
1 MP - 2. or later time / book
2 MP - 2. or later time / chapter
4 MP - 2. or later time / scene


MP: 4/5
Will: 8/8

XP Actions in current chapter:
Science, Faith and Sorcery - defeating the bullies with science

current sustained Actions:

1/Book Cooldowns:



Complex 2 - You know your issue: Steam Science is driving you nuts!
Something To Deal With 3 - To understand what’s going on get out and be in the world, explore, react to what you find and watch how others are reacting.
Vice 1 - There’s something you like to do, that you want to do, that you’ve decided to do, and maybe other people don’t think it’s such a good idea, but so what? They just don’t get you.
Sickness 1 - You feel kind of messed up. It’s harder than usual to just be happy and have fun. It’s harder
than usual to cope with the little stuff. Life’s wearing you out.

Test Subjects and stuff I got:
Blood of Jasmine Apocynum
Pendant with blood of Entropy I
Six-Winged Bat lab assistant / test subject
Hair from Dolorese
Black Liquid Sorrow from Jasmine
Ego dissolving liquid from Lee Scathing's terror lab

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