Kaede Aoryuu


Name: Kaede Aoryuu, the Konjurer
Academic Ability: Superb.
Athletics Ability: Deceptively good.
Blood Type: A-
Favorite Food: Carrots
Associated Animal: Rabbit
Hair: A head of shiny, long blue-black hair that leads to all sorts of unfortunate assumptions from behind.
Build: Slender and really girly for a guy, a little bit on the short side.


Detective 2
Gentleman Scholar 2
Manliness -1
Prettiness 1
Strange Stagecraft 3
Superior Stage Magic 3


Leiko 1 [Cousins]

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: “I don’t believe there’s any such thing as magic.” 2

Arc Traits

Creature of Light 4

  • Tireless - Lesser people wouldn’t be master performers and detectives at a young age!
  • Well-Lit - Kaede is pretty much guaranteed perfect lighting. He has pretty much any place he could feasibly ever be in or at rigged properly for lightning (and maybe even dramatic fog), since he’s that good at planning. Yep. Not magic at all.
  • The Auctoritas Magister - Kaede maintains his composure as he performs his tricks, which cannot be interrupted or disrupted. Magic isn’t real either, so it can’t do any strange things to him.
  • Appear [Improved] - Kaede appears through secret passage, access hatch or trap door, or peels off a mask to dramatically reveal himself as having been a stranger all along. Condition: “Hey look, a distraction!"
  • Transfix - Kaede entrances all those who observe his stage magic or are witness to his hammy explanations about the true nature of the strange goings on.
  • Obsession - Obsess, entrance or impose a specific emotional effect through the particular magics of excellent performance and stunning good looks.
  • Open the Vault - Interact with the audience, causing them to relive moments of their own lives through sheer charisma and the wondrous performance of the stage.
  • Fade - Kaede dramatically pulls a lever and plunges through the floor into a large room inexplicably covered in starry cloth, and winds up trapped there for a while until he finds the door out again. A well-made mannequin replaces him as he pulls off his most devilish escape.
  • Transition - Kaede is a great detective and showman, meaning he could prove anything if he had the time and an audience! It’s all tricks and prosthetics, you’re not who you say you are! I can prove if you listen, stand still and let me pull off that mask…
  • Ritual - Constantly tinkering with new ways to deceive people or strange and fantastical devices that probably shouldn’t be in the hands of a stage magician…

Reality Syndrome 1 (0/100)

  • Emotion: "a fascinating investigation"
  • Hack: "Reality-warping detective skill."
  • Shared Experience: (You) Share Kaede's Experience of a fascinating investigation.
  • Dreams Made Flesh: People actively participate in a fascinating investigation.

XP Emotion: Praising Brilliance


(3/15) Basic Quest: The Prestige: Surprise or entertain people with magic tricks.
(2/25) Quest: The Investigation: Understand why the Exultant and Student Council were so interested in my discovery of some dingy room! Something rotten is afoot.
(4/20) Quest: Friendship Litmus Test: Leiko-nee has weird friends. Get familiar with them to make sure they're not a malign influence on her (even if you suspect the opposite is probably true).


(Affliction) “I don’t believe there’s any such thing as magic.” 2
(Magical Skill) Strange Stagecraft 3


Sickness 1, Trust 1


6/5 MP
8/8 Will
3/3 Miraculous Will

Skill Explanations

Strange Stagecraft

  • Strange Stagecraft is a magical skill that involves the creation of unusual devices of a plausibly magical nature and the envelopment of magical phenomenon by a purely scientific paradigm.
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