Character Sheets

Sally 'Blue' Charnwick

Age: 15
Academic Skills: Above average
Athletic Skills: The sort of clumsy grace you sometimes see in cats
Favorite foods: Apples. Cake. Fish, if it’s caught fresh from the lake..
Star Sign You’d Have in Town, Where They Mean Something: Cancer

Skills:Lessons from Pinocchio 3 // This movie is seriously underrated
Musical 1 // You’re always humming and have a pretty good voice
Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve 1 // It’s bad to keep feelings bottled up..
Cope 2 // Your life isn’t perfect, but you make do
Find Things 1 // You’re not bad at this
Act Mature -1 // You have trouble acting your age, and 15 is pretty young.

Connection 1: The Coach // You appreciate how he’s there for everyone.

Wiry: The scrapyard, where you help your dad out, is a jumbled mess. You’ve learned to squeeze through really narrow spaces and ignore the cuts and bruises from various pieces of metal on glass. Invoke this power to either a) ignore level 1-2 obstacles for fitting into a space or b) ignore a physical injury which would normally require a Surface Wound, or mitigate a slightly bigger injury. Free once per chapter, 1 MP thereafter.

Shine 3 (from Knave of Hearts)

Emotion XP:
Thumbs Up

Anytime Quest
(Melodramatic) Your catchphrase, of course, comes from Pinocchio. I suggest
Always let your conscience be your guide. 0/9

Main Quest: The Strawhaired Kid 0/21

Let’s Talk
You pick up languages really easy. There’s a sizable Chinese population here. (A lot are third or fourth—generation, having settled here after working on the railroads in the 1870 and 1880s. But a large group of refugees with relatives came over during WW2.) You can order your dishes at the Lucky Sun Restaurant in Cantonese. There’s also a large Spanish-speaking group (a few laborers, but a lot of fancy types; the University about 20 miles away has a great program on Inca and Maya civilizations, and it brings a lot of experts and visiting professors and their families, who commute) and you can hold conversations with them as well. When people from the Native American tribe nearby speak a language they talked before Columbus came here, you understand them. Once, this guy from Egypt was visiting, and within an hour or so you picked up enough Arabic to hold a pidgin dialogue.

Also, you project this “weird, but harmless” vibe. It’s not that people like you, but you’re a little too small and a bit too strange for anyone to feel good about picking on you. People need to overcome a Level 2 Obstacle the first time they try to be hostile towards you.

Shared Experience
You wear your emotions on your sleeve. You regularly find yourself humming (usually songs from your favorite movie, but sometimes just cheerful or thoughtful or moody tunes). People can naturally tell how you’re feeling when you do this. And it’s actually fairly easy for them to change your mood. If they hum a different tune, or say the right word, you’re suddenly feeling things differently.

After you’ve been humming a while, you create a Region Property
You can Perceive and Adjust Blue’s Experience of her emotions.
(0 MP once or twice a book; 4 MP afterward or spend a Recharge token to get another 1-2 free uses.)

Let’s Go! Everyone
You can make your mood contagious. This power functions as a +3 Tool and 2 Edge to get someone to feel the emotion you’re currently experiencing. (0 MP once; 2 MP a second time; 4 MP thereafter; +2 MP to get someone to feel an emotion you’re not currently experiencing.)

True Experience
Generally, there’s a reason you feel the way you do. And often you’ve got it on your person, or found it. If you’re in a happy mood, it may be because you have cake. If you’re sad, if might be because you found some junk in the scrapyard that was wrapped in last November 23’s paper, and you brought it with you.

When you invoke Shared Experience, you can produce an item related to your current mood. IC you'll say you've been carrying it around a while. (Though if it’s something harmful, like a knife, it probably isn’t an effective weapon for some reason. You're not the sort of girl to carry sharp knives around). If Shared Experience is already invoked this costs 1 MP.

Childish Dreams;
You’re not really a magical wish granting fairy. That would be ridiculous. You may be making people’s dreams come true, but that’s just hard work, not magic. But you like to carry yourself like you are one sometimes. You can use Childish Dreams to do one of the following things:
Appear unusually graceful or beautiful for a moment.
Make your laugh particularly musical.
Figure out just the right place to stand so you look spotlighted or sparkle a bit (as the Creature of Light Well-Lit’s usual manner of operation)
Find a nice stick (or similar item) nearby that’s about 40-60 cm long, and may resemble a wand.

Your Mythos
When people wish upon a star, it should come true. But that takes work. It’s not like there’s some sort of Wish Granting Engine out there. It’s a series of steps, of labor, of figuring out what to do to make people’s wishes happen. Your story is not really that you’re a wish granter — it’s the stars and people’s hearts that make people deserve to have their dreams come true, not you. Your story is that you’re the one who takes the steps to make it happen. You are the process of a wish.

[In game terms, you are the mechanics behind an Imperial Miracle, the chthonic thing that powers both the wishing heart and the bleak that corrupts. In Nobilis terms, your pState is The Wish Facilitations of Sally “Blue” Charnwick.]

You know how the world is supposed to work, but it doesn’t. It’s all cold and uncaring and without your help ignores people’s dreams. Sometimes you find Earth unbearably traumatic, so you are Sickly.

Symbolic Logic
You recognize the glint of longing in a person’s eye when she wants a wish granted, or the look of desperation when he should be wishing for help. When you’re pursuing someone’s wish (and you try to keep it to one or two at a time for your sanity’s sake), you just feel when you’re near an object that’s useful for someone’s wish. You weren’t sure why you picked up that Life Magazine and brought it with you to the hospital to see grandpa when he was ill, but Dr. Jackson, who’d been making a mess of the case, got so distracted by an article in it some other doctor took over that evening, and grandma’s wish for him to come home came true.

When you’re seeing things that are part of your mythos, it’s hard to notice the rest of the world, and there’s a Level 1 Obstacle to doing so.

(Costs 0 MP, comes with 3 Strike.)

For a long time, when you described why your favorite film was so important to you, people just looked at you weird. But you’ve learned how to express why some of the messages in it are so important, to get people to see the world like you do. You were recently talking about the Civil Rights act with some old guy visiting the scrap yard, and he was being a bit of a jerk about it. Until you said “It makes no difference who you are to the stars,” and he saw what you were getting at. For a few moments, he realized that all men were equal under heaven’s eyes. Or if you see a bunch of kids misbehaving and call them jackasses, people are likely to nod and say their laughter really sounds like braying.

Costs 0 MP. Resisting this effect is a Level 0 Obstacle.

Somebody Else’s Story
To make someone’s dreams come true, you need to understand their dreams, which means you need to understand them. When you’ve heard people wish upon a star, one of the first things you do is get to know them; study them, or think about how you’ve seen them.(This usually takes place off screen). Then, later, if you try you can pretty much tell what they’re doing at any given moment, or at least what their hopes, dreams and obstacles thereto are. If they’re not a major NPC (and maybe if they are) the HG will probably let you narrate what they’re doing.

You also have an intuitive understanding of what wishes are out there. You might just know, as the sun sets and stars appear, someone is looking up and wishing he’ll be able to stay awake during the night shift. You’ll see the red Cadillac in their driveway; smell the gardenias surrounding their desire; and in your mind’s eye all the street lights leading to Flo’s All Night Diner are bright, as the wish strives to be fulfilled with a fresh pot of coffee. Now all you need to do is find the house…

Using this ability costs 0 MP, but you get so engrossed in your (completely accurate) imagining of what they must be doing there’s a Level 2 Obstacle to perceiving what’s around you. For 2 MP, you could see the wishes of someone outside of Shebang, or track dozens of wishes at once or people you’re helping at once (though again, you try to keep the numbers of wishes in progress manageable)..

People like you more, or at the very least have a better understanding of you, when you’ve helped them make their dreams come true. Even people who hear you can grant wishes in a way, or who might have a wish in their heart, are likely to treat you better. And you treat them better in return.

Everyone who’s dreams you’ve helped come true, or are making come true, gets a +1 Tool to Connection skills with you, and vice versa.

Shine Bonus
Sometimes, giving good advice on what to do will bring people closer to their dreams. You have Shine 3, noted above, to do that.

The Dream That Dreams Do Dream Of
You have several rules you live by. (These could also, in a more typical Chuubo’s game, be expressed in terms of how you are the power of the wishing heart.)
When you wish upon a star, I will do everything humanly possible to make your dream come true.
When a person’s heart and actions are wicked, it corrupts her, but this can always be overcome.
Always let your conscience be your guide.

You can invoke any of these as an Affliction upon yourself, once per chapter, for 1 MP, and invoke that property again for 0 MP later in the chapter. You can add a property to the list by spending a recharge token.

Note The first property is the main way you grant wishes; people sort of accept anything even quasi-reasonable you do in pursuit of fulfilling a wish as important. It will make people think things like “Normally I wouldn’t loan my car to a girl I don’t know and who looks too young to drive anyway, but she seems so sincere and made it sound so worthwhile I figured it was safe to do so.”

Note 2: The corruption that comes from wickedness is metaphorical. If you’ve been tricking someone and feel that makes you a snake, it won’t make you grow scales. But you might seem to lose your appetite (since snakes can go weeks without eating) and you can’t help but hurting people with your venomous words when you open your mouth.

Inevitability Entanglement
You may not think of yourself this way, but you are the stuff of wishes. And that means that sometimes a wisher calls to you; they shine. And you can make them shine too.

You can just point out to them how they fit in, and they’ll realize this at least subconsciously, adopting one of your rules from The Dreams That Dreams Do Dream Of (as an affliction when you maintain this, and as a mundane fact afterward.

You might also be able to permanently recruit someone, making them realize they are the sort of person that wants to work to make other people’s dreams come true. Or possibly make a place (about building sized, or a bit bigger) more conducive people wanting to make wishes. You’ve done this with the scrap yard; it’s clearly a place for second chances and filled with possibilities.

Costs 1 MP. In addition to spending MP, you must do something to invoke this miracle, though it need not be large. Sometimes even emoting satisfaction is enough.

Destiny Exile
There’s a saying: be careful what you wish for. You don’t like it, but you had to read The Monkey’s Paw in school and understand it. Sometimes, you need to free people from their heart’s desire.

One way you can do this is to make it so one of your rules doesn’t apply to them anymore. Maybe their conscience is getting in the way of them doing the right thing. Or they’ve been bad and turned into a (metaphorical) monster and don’t know how to turn back again.

Or, you could just make them the sort of person without wishes. You don’t like to think about this, and I don’t think you’d do this in anger or as a punishment, but if you saw someone who kept getting what they wanted and seeing it blow up in their face, maybe they’d be happier with a quiet life, where dreams don’t come true but neither do nightmares.

FInally, you might be able to make something not the answer to people’s dreams — such as making the whiskey in a flask not the answer to a drunk’s wish for feeling happy..

Costs 2 MP. As with Inevitability Entanglement, you must do something and not just declare it happens. While it may be a long speech or complex action, it could be as simple as a kindly smile or emoting frustration..

Mythos Complementation
Normally, making someone’s dream come true is hard work. It involves lots of steps, a slow but inevitable procedure. But sometimes, it comes to you in a moment what to do for someone. You just describe that to her, and it should make perfect sense for her to follow it. It’s so clear that following this will change her life in many ways. It’s obvious that doing this could change her life forever.

Resisting this is like resisting a Miracle.

Costs 4 MP.

MP: 5/5
Will: 8/8

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