Dulci Ventura

The Loner

Academic Skills: Incomparable
Athletic Skills: Amazing when you want to be; and always with a gangly grace
Favorite foods: You tend not to notice food and generally consider it mere fuel for the body. But when you visit home, you love mom’s completely inauthentic paella and the strawberry ice cream she always serves for dessert.
Star Sign You’d Have in Town, Where They Mean Something: Capricorn
Age: 21
Arcs: The Ace 4
Current Arc: The Ace
Emotion XP: Shiver of Wonder / Terror XP



Genius 5 // There’s not a person alive who is your intellectual equal.
Engineering 2 // And you can make things
Magic: Augury 1 // You know what the future holds.

If you were asked about your Augury skill, you’d deny it’s magic. You’re just so smart that sometimes you can accurately extrapolate the future. Still, since there’s a good chance nobody is as smart as you, you can’t always properly explain the reason it’s obvious what’s going to happen.

Anyone could learn the following techniques:

  • Obstacle 0: Make common sense predictions.
  • Obstacle 1: Do the Sherlock Holmes thing where you look at someone and know lots of things about them.

The following techniques are too complex to explain to most people how you do them. And the future isn’t written in stone, so you’re sure that these could be changed, but probably won’t.

  • Obstacle 1: Make a prophecy that is accurate, but as vague as a newspaper horoscope (e.g, “This is a good day to talk to people.”
  • Obstacle 1: Foresee trends.
  • Obstacle 2: Foresee important parts of the future of an NPC who isn’t a main character. (e.g. “Martin Luther King is putting himself in too much jeopardy. He’s not going to survive the decade.”)
  • Obstacle 2: Tell a main character or NPC you care about something specific which will prove very useful to them in the near future.
  • Obstacle 3: Foresee important trends. Look decades into the future.
  • Obstacle 3: Set up an Oedipus-like situation where making a prediction causes it to happen.

Designer’s tip: You have two good in-game options for using your Augury power. Since your Ace abilities don’t work with magic skills, you could rely on your miraculous powers for most things and use mundane will for high intentions. Or, since the CMWGE scale doesn’t measure success or failure but happiness and productivity, you can spend less will, and make the situation worse by stating what’s going to happen in the world. People who love Bob Dylan’s acoustic music will hate you for telling them he’s going to change radically within the year.


Connection 3: The Maker // You are very close to your brother
Hobby: [Currently Folk Music] 1. // Your vast intellect lets you become extremely proficient in something in almost no time. You might not be a professional musician, but you taught yourself to play guitar pretty decently, and of course know all about the folk music movement. If you ever get bored with this skill, you can change it by taking an XP Action.
Cool 4 (From The Ace)

Quests and XP

Emotion XP: Shiver of Wonder/Terror
You can invoke awe and fear pretty easily. (You can make an argument for several Emotion XPs, including Fist Shaking if you believe you can make people’s lives better due to your genius when you can’t.)

Basic Quest: Too Many Thoughts
You seek distractions from your own mind. The reason you immerse yourself in folk music, or gardening, or short wave radio, or whatever. Your catch phrase is
Finally, a moment of rest

Aspect 1 Quest: Idest ex Nihilo (21 XP)
The idea that meaning can exist in the universe is a logical fallacy. The Universe is enormous and impersonal, the very matter of your own existence and that of all things a happy accident. You know this, as you know so many other things besides.

But this is not a reason to despair, as some do, or ignore ones own knowledge, as others do. If the Universe, an ever expanding void within which a comically small amount of matter and energy can be found, is blankly devoid of purpose then it is the responsibility of those who can to forge their own.

You should buy a guitar.

Major Goals

  • you dramatically abandon your current interest in favor of something new in front of a crowd
  • you have a fierce interest-themed battle with somebody
  • you get sick from spending too much time and money on one of your interests instead of carefully attending to rest, nutrition, and health.

Quest Flavor

  • working on one of your interests
  • getting worked up about your interest or about finding a new interest
  • supporting your interest in ways you probably shouldn't
  • getting frustrated with your current interest and railing against it
  • using techniques you learned in your new interest to solve unrelated life problems


The Ace

Being the smartest person in the world means you can see trouble coming. And you need to deal with it, since only your genius can. You have the Frantic power.

Tragic Flaw
You’re not good with dealing with your loved ones, mostly your family, though anyone you develop strong feelings for. An Affliction based on Complex prevents you from using your ordinary skills to make yourself happy, do things correctly, be productive, or do the cosmically right thing when dealing with them.

A Higher Standard
Your mind races so fast, you have 3 Miraculous Will you can use for anything but your Augury skill or other so-called Magic skills. (It’s slightly more complicated, but the edge cases are unlikely to come up.)

Cool Bonus
People are so predictable You can see harm coming a mile away. You have Cool 4, represented above.

The Ace
You’re not perfect. But you’re excellent at correcting your flaws through discipline — making your voice that some describe as a little shrill dulcet by thinking about your vocal chords and so on. Starting mid-scene, you can do any of the following when not using a magic skill, you can enhance 1-2 actions with one of the following

  • Get a +2 Tool bonus on an Intention
  • That, and declare that you accomplish any humanly plausible action perfectly, ignoring 1-2 levels of penalties, with perfect timing and in a faster, more powerful, more graceful, and more skillful way than any opposing miracle you defeat. You basically calculate what they were going to do and formulate the perfect action to oppose it with your vast intellect.
  • That, and declare that you are capable of calculating better than a room full of vacuum tubes — which you are — and more powerful than a bear. You’re not actually really stronger than a bear, but you can spot leverage techniques, or use your yogi-like knowledge to give you the rush of adrenaline to make you briefly bear-strong. Anyone could do this if they put their mind to it (you tell yourself), but people find it impressive for some reason.

Free once or twice starting mid-scene; 2 MP for all actions starting mid-scene; 4 MP for all actions.

Push Yourself
Starting mid-scene for 1 MP, you can invoke Legendary Master to enhance a The Ace action. 4 MP to use this ability starting a scene.

Refuse to Lose
You’re not flawless, but you learn from your mistakes. If one of your Intentions is ever defeated and you have a couple of seconds to analyze why you can activate Push Yourself or The Ace to correct your errors, so that no similar opposing effort will defeat you this scene. If you do this a second time in a scene, then your intention defeats any mundane opposition.

Legendary Master
When you wish, you have complete control over your body. Maybe you can’t move your hair like it was snakes, but anything you’d regard as biologically plausible, however difficult, you can do. You can balance on a silk thread; flick someone with your pinky with the strength of Muhammad Ali’s punches; hold your breath for 15 minutes by getting your cells to metabolize super efficiently, or move your eyes so fast that you can count the number of marbles falling out of a huge jar before they hit the ground. (One of these days you have to get to India and see if there’s anything to learn from actually talking to these experts, or if you’ve perfected their techniques on your own). This can either enhance a specific action, or take one of your two action slots and enhance everything the other does.

(Designer note: I feel if you squint slightly, the above powers seem plausible pretty much straight out of the book for a “realistic” game where everyone appears normal, though perhaps at their extremes they don’t work. Determination and Anime Moment need some tweaking be at all “realistic.”)

Sometimes, the strength of a bear or the ability to stop sweating on demand are insufficient. When that happens, sometimes you can bring more sophisticated analysis, perhaps finding the perfect pressure point to crush a steel pipe.

Other times, you’ve known the situation was coming, and you have a solution in place all the time, which you reveal afterwards. You can use this to accomplish any task that could be accomplished without breaking the laws of physics — but you need an excuse as to how you did it, what the trick is that makes it seem like you did this.

For example, you’re in a mine and there’s a cave-in. You don’t actually run around swatting the boulders from your friends and carving a path to safety. Instead, you monolog ‘I knew that Mr. McGillicutty would try to kill us. And he’s so meticulous I knew he’d set off the dynamite at exactly noon. So it was child’s play to direct each of you to an area where I knew the explosion wasn’t going to leave any rubble, and where we could all see sunlight from the hole in the roof it created.” Or if you need to be 10 miles away in 10 seconds, while you can’t actually run at 3,600 miles per hour, you knew that you had to be at the high school at this moment, and people at the farm realize they’ve been talking to a well-painted mannequin of you with a reel-to-reel tape predicting their conversation.

This costs 2 MP, and may require/encourage some monologuing during or afterwards about how you’re an incomparable genius.

Anime Moment
[Miraculous, Major, Possibly Unreal]
Sometimes, people think you can do the impossible. You can’t of course. But consider acupuncture. A couple of decades ago people considered it quackery; today it’s practiced all over China and you can see it will spread to America sooner rather than later.

Sometimes you use science to accomplish something for which there is no vocabulary, or maybe half a dozen other people in the world could partially follow your explanation.

You generally reduce these things with superstitious platitudes. Like when you decided to weed the garden by singing to the fields, you just told the other people living there that veggies like the uplifting sounds of the Kingston Trio, since the real science involved would make no sense to them. But to the uninitiated it sounds like something eggheads at Harvard or historians poring over dusty tomes of ancient secrets might conceivably do.

At times, this is just too implausible, and in the end, you’ll have accomplished a short term goal that people at the time think is through your elite science, but afterwards will realize was smoke and mirrors. They’ll just assume you succeeded in getting rid of that entire dreadful picnic … somehow, and they thought at the time it involved you swallowing a whole watermelon in one bite.

This costs 4 MP.

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