Judah Jackanory

A Directionally-Challenged Angel- Let's play detective!


Character Description

Name: Judah Jackanory (Angel Detective!)
Age: 14
Academic Ability: Never revises, but always gets by
Athletic Ability: Good
Blood Type: O
Favourite Food: Salt and vinegar crisps/chips
Zodiac: Dragon

A directionally challenged angel who fell from the skies one day and landed in a ramshackle tower somewhere in Fortitude.

If he is a fallen angel he certainly doesn't seem to have realised it yet, but he doesn't seem to know of a way back either. Currently he has taken up employment as a detective, mostly as an excuse to learn the ways of Fortitude.


  • Detective 2
  • Superior Wings 3
  • Shine 3
  • Household chores -1
  • Partaking of strange and exotic fruits -2
  • Perk: Superior Holiness 4
  • Perk: Guardian Angel 3


  • Copper 1 (Good boy Copper!)
  • The Roofs of Fortitude 1 (They're closer to Heaven than the ground. I should endeavour to make them closer still.)
  • Celestia 1 (It's all we have left.)
  • Child of the Sun 2 (I'm sorry about Lady Jade. We're *all* sorry.)

Emotion XP

  • Oh no! Judah is in trouble! XP (1)


Basic Quest: Solve mysteries, uncover secrets and understand the world.

  • Key action: Propose a theory about a mystery. (7/9)

Quest Miracle: (Legends and Dreams: Storyteller - Arc 3) Judah is Honour-bound to repay a mysterious girl in a top hat Miramie Mesmer for accidentally destroying her flower stall. Through this quest he will get her out of her rut and restore some of her spiritual wounds. Or possibly just make her outrageously wealthy.

  • Key action: Judah has hired Miramie on as a secretary. Earn 1 XP every time Judah speculates on a way to raise Miramie up out of her malaise, or when Miramie assists him in some way and receives payment of some kind. (0/???)

Arc Quest (Shepherd: 57/60?):

  • Someone is in Trouble! (See Chuubo corebook pp 657-658) (21/21)(Complete!)
    • Judah has rescued Mimi the kitten from the clutches of Hedge the Fang and in doing so gained insight into the dreams, hopes and memories of man and angel.
    • Judah gains the Bond perk: I have a mask of 20 faces.
  • Let's Doing! (Full version)(pp 700-701 Chuubo Core July 2013 version) (21/21)(Complete!)
    • Judah has met Jasper Irinka, Child of the Sun, in the belly of Fenrir. The two of them then became entangled in the insane delusions of Eclipse, an insane creature born of Arikel (eldest of the Sun's children) and the death of Jade Irinka. He plans to unmake the death of the sun. Judah and Jasper escaped, but were unable to stop him.
    • Judah gains the Perk "A shared path" which grants him a skill perk (Guardian Angel 3) and a +1 Connection to the Child of the Sun.
  • Climbing the Sacred Mountain (Simplified)(pp 708 Chuubo Core July 2013 version) (15/15) (Complete!)
    • Judah has released a burden that has been weighing him down by confessing one of his sins to Jakob the Absolver. His sin was doing nothing to prevent Eclipse's blasphemous resurrection of Jade Irinka. He atoned for this by aiding Jasper in vanquishing the reanimated spirit corpse of her mother and gifting Arikel (Eclipse's better half) with some of the last vestiges of his heavenly nature. As a result Judah faded away, temporarily at rest within the hearts of his friends.
    • Judah gained an Imperial Miracle, a powerful ability that transformed him into a spirit bound to the hearts of his friends.

Changing Stats

Will: 5/8 points (plus 0/3 unrestricted miraculous will, which can be used as a general thing with tireless or to support my treasures with miraculous ease.)
MP: 3 (Starting MP: 5)

  • “Exorcise the aura of hopelessness and despair that is gripping everyone.” (8) (Superior Holiness 4, 1 will, 3 miraculous will)
  • -


  • Divine:
  • Divine:
  • Tough:
  • Normal:
  • Normal:


  • A Mystery Calls 2
  • Mystery 2- There's a hint of something mysterious… …and that mystery might matter. Ayako Vasili and I are beset by mystery. Each of us has something older and possibly greater than ourselves within us (or possibly these things are us?), and these things have become intertwined with one another. What is the significance of this? Is it connected to wider events or is it wholly personal? Does that make it more or less important?
  • Trust 2- You’ve shown or acquired a connection to some power outside yourself. I have complete faith in Heaven's will. The song within my heart affirms my purpose. It will never lead me astray.
  • In Over Your Head 1
  • Something to deal with 1

Miraculous Arcs

  • Storyteller(Creature of Light) 3
    • Tireless ("3 miraculous will that can be used for anything.")
    • Well-Lit (I can declare lighting out of nowhere for free.)
    • The Auctoritas Magister (I can cloak myself and my mundane actions with a 3-point Auctoritas, 1-4MP.)
    • Appear (Appear to someone I have a connection to. I can choose to specify that I appear "When you are beset by mystery." 0-4MP)
    • Transfix (Put a glamour on a slow, careful mundane action so that all observers are transfixed. 0MP, 4MP every time in a book after the first.)
    • Obsession (My actions may obsess, entrance or otherwise provide profound emotional effect on desired witnesses. 0-2MP)
    • Open the Vault (I can make someone experience a flashback that is significant to an emotion or experience I name 0-2MP.)
    • Fade (I can fade away to the closest portion of the near Outside. 0-2MP)
    • Transition (Non-interactively change the world according to my will. 0-4MP)
  • Shepherd (Sentimental) 01
    • Miraculous Ease (3 Miraculous Will, can be used with my treasure)
    • Haunt (When I am asleep I can project myself to those who I treasure. 1 MP)

Imperial Miracles

Angel of Mystery, Monochrome, Thorns and Knowledge

  • Angel: Glorious/demanding.
  • Wears many masks.
  • Falling into mystery.
  • Has a touch of film noir about him.
  • Causes knowledge and revelation to bloom amidst brambles.


  • Skill: Superior Holiness 4
  • Bond: I seek knowledge of good and evil. (2)
  • Imperial Miracle: An as yet undefined Miracle that has transformed Judah into a spirit bound to the hearts of his friends.
  • Skill: Guardian Angel 3
  • Copper 1 (Good boy Copper!)
  • The Roofs of Fortitude 1 (They're closer to Heaven than the ground. I should endeavour to make them closer still.)
  • Celestia 1 (It's all we have left.)
  • Child of the Sun 2 (I'm sorry about Lady Jade. We're *all* sorry.)
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