The Vice Magus

Academics Skill: Average but people think more than that
Sports Skill: Exactly as Incompetent as Expected
Favorite Foods: Pierogies, Gyros, Outside Dust
Blood Type: B-
Animal: Pig
Age: 16
An Interesting Fact About You: You’re probably the richest kid in the Walking Fields.

Character Description

❀ You’re a Titov. In Town that usually says all anyone needs to know about the sort of unsavory fellow you probably are. And, honestly, that first impression isn’t really wrong.

You like to imagine yourself as a Byronic hero, romantic and brave and wrestling with deep dark emotions. But, really, you’re mostly just a jerk. You think of yourself and your own needs more than you think of other people.

When you’re feeling especially self-reflective, you blame your upbringing for how you are. And it is true that the Titov family magic and its associated curse tends to breed a sort of listless, amoral hedonism. But…

When it comes down to it… yeah… you’re mostly just a jerk.

❀ You live in a vast gothic mansion down the road from the Light Seeker. Your family had it moved, brick by brick, from Horizon when they chose to leave the hustle-and-bustle of Town for the idyllic countryside.

It’s a strange place. Outside dust tends to collect in the carpets and drapes, lending a psychedelic, phantasmagoric feeling to everything. You spend your days skulking around your domain, lounging on chaise longues, eating individual grapes sensually, practicing your magic to get anything that you want.

❀ You’re probably going to go on this quest for selfish reasons. You’re friends with the Light Seeker, but the habit of self-interest is a hard one to break.

In your dreams, you’ve been hearing a whispering voice promising you power and magics. In the Outside there is a treasure… a True Thing, the voice says, and all you have to do is find it and claim it.

Becoming a God sounds good to you, doesn’t it?

Sidebar: Shake it Up!

For an atypical Vice Magus experience, pick 0-2 of the following:

  • Instead of Roderick Titov, you can be Zoey Titova, a girl
  • Instead of Roderick Titov, maybe you’re…
    • … Roderick Susanov, a rogue seer who was tempted by what he saw with his magic.
    • … Roderick Yatskaya, a channeler guided by vast dark powers.
    • Leonardo deMontreal, a nightmare-scientist questing to complete his Incomparable Nightmare Engine.
    • Colbrand, the False Light, one of the Mysteries of the Rats who wants to become the new sun.

Sidebar: Playing as Colbrand, the False Light

Roderick is verging on inhumanity, you take it much further.

You are Colbrand, the False Light, who is called Monstrous, one of the Mysteries of the Rats. Once, you were the thing that made all of the world worthwhile, the thing which even the swans agreed made reality true and good. And then you were lost… and, as it turned out, the world didn’t really need you after all.

You do not want to be small and unimportant, you do not want to be unneeded. You look to the sky, to the void left by the sun, and you see the chance you’ve been waiting for for so, so long.

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