The Peerless Spirit

Academics Skill: Not Dumb but Extremely Unfocused
Sports Skill: Without Equal
Favorite Foods: Banana Cream Pie, Steak Tartare, Pineapple
Blood Type: A+
Animal: Monkey
Age: 5015
An Interesting Fact About You: You were grown from a seed!

Character Description

❀ You are a spirit without peer, if that wasn’t clear enough.

You live alone in the woods in a (treasure-filled) cave, doing whatever you like, whenever you like it. Your neighbors see you at best as a charming nuisance and at worst as a dangerous menace. You’re not an evil person, per se, but you are rude, arrogant, and selfish.

Despite all of that, of course, you are often lonely. You’ve never been good at making real friends, not in your entire long life, And it has been a ridiculously long life, because…

❀ You are not human.

Five thousand years ago, the Heron Queen planted a seed on a hillside under the noonday sun and you grew from that seed like a tree.

Vines twine in your hair and flowers bloom at your temples when you’re embarrassed. You share a kinship with birds and can speak the language of squirrels and hedgehogs and moles. That’s just the sort of thing nature spirits can do.

❀ You’re probably going to go on this adventure just… because. You’re going to hear that the Light Seeker has a mission and they’re probably going to go out into the Near Outside and die, and you think that sounds like an awesome place for an awesome person like you.

And you’re worried about him probably, too.

Sidebar: Shake it Up!

For an atypical Peerless Spirit experience, pick 0-2 of the following:

  • Instead of Sonya, you can be Sonny Hou, a boy spirit
  • Instead of a forest spirit, maybe you’re…
    • … a fox-faced spirit
    • … an ogre
    • … a highly-advanced cyborg designated SWK-2456

Sidebar: Playing SWK-2456

You’re not a spirit at all! You’re an advanced combat cyborg! Don’t try to trick me!

You were crafted ages ago by a team of scientists working to build a perfect organism. You were locked away in a cryosleep chamber for centuries, waiting for the right time to be revealed to an unsuspecting world.

You’re a bit less full of bravado than Sonya is, but you are no less confident, your self-regard bolstered by inhuman calculation rather than pure pride. You’re definitely not as good at telling jokes as Sonya is.

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