The Light Seeker

Academics Skill: Scholarly
Sports Skill: Clumsy
Favorite Foods: Rice Balls, Sugar Cereal
Blood Type: O
Animal: Rabbit
Age: 15
An Interesting Fact About You: You’ve never been further from home than School. Not even to Fortitude!

Character Description

❀ You're just a simple kid, living in the Walking Fields. You like going to school, playing football with your friends that live down the lane, reading books, and listening to radio dramas on the wireless.

Your parents farm strawberries for a living, shipping them to Fortitude where they are made into jam. You've never been very good at farming,but your dad doesn't mind, he has another son and two daughters to help him with the fields.

You're a bit hapless and clumsy, the kid who tends to lose things, including himself, at the drop of a hat… which you lost.

People say that you're unlucky, but you always seem to make it out okay.

❀ Your next door neighbor is Ms. Kseniya, a sad-looking jotun lady who likes to sit alone on her porch and watch the storms come in. She always waves when she sees you, but she doesn't smile much.

On summer nights you and your friends visit her and she tells giant stories from the time before people came to Town. You can tell she enjoys the company, she tries to teach you some of the Old Words that the Jotun know,though you usually don't have much luck. Once she taught you a charm to keep away hydras; it has always proven effective!

❀ In your heart, you dream of being a great hero, traveling out of Town on a ship to explore the far shores of Big Lake or setting out to the edges of the Walking Fields and beyond.

But those are just daydreams. In real life, you've never been further from home than School. You've never even gone on a trip to Fortitude! You have visited Arcadia (awesome!) and Old Molder (spooky!) but never for long.

You tell yourself that one day you'll have your adventure. It turns out, your lucky day is coming up!

Sidebar: Shake it Up!

For an atypical Light Seeker experience, pick 0-3 of the following:

  • Instead of Tripp, you can be Susan Numidia, a Rider girl.
  • Instead of being strawberry farmers, your parents could be…
    • … woodcutters.
    • … cattle ranchers.
    • … retired pirates.
    • … ex-soldiers.
    • … dead.
  • Instead of living next door to Kseniya, your mentor is…
    • … Ms. Numidia, your aunt, who teaches you the art of hiding who you are.
    • … Mr. Calazas, a former masked wrestler, who teaches you his patented leg holds.
    • … Mr. Carneleon, the mailman, who teaches you about origami and the value of a hand-delivered letter.
    • … The Headmaster of the Bleak Academy, who, against your will, teaches you things you should not ever have to know.

Sidebar: Playing Susan Numidia

You’re not just an ordinary boy living on your parents’ farm… you’re an ordinary Rider girl living on your parents’ farm.

Besides having eyes of night and falling stars and… well… you know… you’re different from Tripp in a few ways. You’re a bit grumpier than Tripp. You’re bored with the Walking Fields and with your parents’ peaceful rural life. You have a feeling in your heart that you have a destiny out in the Outside. It’s where you’re from, even if you’ve never even seen the Outside.

You’re still going to find yourself falling into trouble, but you’re going to be pretty annoyed by it.

Your mentor is probably your aunt Bogud, a Rider witch who tells you stories of the Not and the Old War and teaches you the Outsider secrets of hiding who and what you are.

❀ Susan usually has the Magical Skill Changeling instead of the Jotun Cantrips skill. That’s not necessarily true, it depends on your mentor, but usually Tripp is all about weird ancient magics he only sort of controls and Susan is more focused on strange Bleak subterfuges.

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