The Vice Magus

"Tch, do we have to do this?"

Original Lifepath

Roderick Titov, The Vice Magus

Academics Skill: Average but people think more than that
Sports Skill: Exactly as Incompetent as Expected
Favorite Foods: Pierogies, Gyros, Outside Dust
Blood Type: B-
Animal: Pig
Age: 16
An Interesting Fact About You: You’re probably the richest kid in the Walking Fields.
Issues: Vice 1, Trust 1

XP Emotion: Either Speechlessness

Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5


(Magical) Titov Family Magic 3 - You're good at the family magics. Too good. Too reliant on it, anyway.

(Magical) Sosunov Dream Magic 1 - You've learned a few tricks from your father.

Proud 2 - You're good at standing up for your pride.
Taunt 1 - You're familiar with being quite the asshole.
Domestic Skills 1 - Despite your proud and hedonistic standing, you do know how to operate a broom.
Indulgence -1 - You think that you're great at lounging around and being Byronic.


Bond (2): I must consume low-grade Outside dust to function.
[Ideally a Connection to the Light Seeker]
Affliction (tied to a Green Issue): The Outside pulls at me, especially when and if I dream.


Current Arc: Immortal Mystic (Primordial)
Total XP: 5

XP Emotion: Shock and Horror

Unspent XP: 0


1/9 XP
Once per scene, you can hold up an orange card! This card says on one side "Brooding!" and is meant to symbolise the fact that you are a broody Gothic Byronic hero who is very brooding. On the other side, it says, "I don't actually care about this.".

Quest 1: A Whisper on the Wind

4/21 XP
Major Goals
The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when you’ve…
❀ …first learned about the Treasure.
❀ …given the Whisperer a nickname which it approves of.
❀ …set aside a family heirloom, cherished possession, or other personally important object.
You can earn each bonus once, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavor
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest by…
❀ …explaining, at length, why you’re uninterested in hunting the Treasure.
❀ …ignoring the Whisperer.
❀ …drawing a picture, writing a poem, or otherwise creating art about the Treasure.
❀ …struggling to us some piece of travelling equipment (a compass or a map, perhaps).
❀ …talking about the sky.
❀ …telling the Whisperer some personal anecdote unrelated to the Treasure.
❀ …playng a flute, whistle, or other wind instrument.

Quest 2: Inspiration (Black Quest Miracle)

Quest 3: Transformative (Red Quest Miracle)


Creature of Delirium 3

Experience: Ennui and Disillusionment

Primordial 0

Estate: The Whispers of the Wind
Principle: Passion or Temptation
Transformation: A raging tempest that whips up Outside Dust

Type: Miraculous Action, Major
❀ 0 MP—damage or enchantment has only temporary, appropriate effects on you
❀ 1 MP—you totally recover and shrug everything off 1-2 times mid-scene
❀ 2 MP—starting mid-scene, you shrug off attacks and other effects like they’re paper tigers
❀ 4 MP—you’re basically unaffected by the world around you


[URL=]Roderick Titov[/URL], [B]The Vice Magus[/B]
[SIZE=1]Speechlessness; /5 MP; /8 Will;[/SIZE]
[ [color=orangered][B][SIZE=4]BROODING.[/SIZE][/B] // [SIZE=1]guys look at me guys guys look[/SIZE][/color] ]
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