The Undying

The Undying

Academics Skill: Spotty
Sports Skill: Surprising
Favorite Food: Gyoza ("Meat and vegetables wrapped in bread and fried to perfection; easily portable with your choice of dipping sauce? It's the perfect food!)
Blood Type: N/A (You don't have blood)
Animal: Crow
Age: Unknown (You don't know how old you were when you died, but you've been reanimated for a couple of months now)
An Interesting Fact About You: You died and came back to life. Somehow.
XP Emotion: Fist Pump/Salute

Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5


(Superior) Skeleton 3 - Amaranth derives a few benefits from being a skeleton. He doesn't age(how would you tell?), he doesn't need to breathe, he doesn't need to eat or drink(though he can… somehow), and while he does still need to sleep, this seems to have more to do with mental exhaustion rather than physical. And of course, any attack targeting vital organs he doesn't possess isn't going to work.
Swordsman 1
Adventuring 2
History 1
Carousing 1
Swimming -1


Bond 2 - I cannot refuse the call to adventure
Affliction (Tied to Indomitable)- Something is keeping me in this world
Superior Vitality 2 (from Vitality Bonus)


Arcs: Indomitable 2/Creature of the Light 1
Current Arc: Indomitable 3
Unspent XP:

Basic Quest:

3/9 XP
For I Am…(The prospect of adventure draws Amaranth like a moth to a flame. Whenever a challenge or an opponent presents itself to him, he gains a bonus XP when he says that he will prevail, "For I am Amaranth, the Undying!"

Quest 1: The Object

10/24 XP
The Object in this case is the pendant Amaranth was buried with. It's one of the few clues he has about his past.
Major Goals
The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest if…
❀ …your object is stolen;
❀ …your object serves as a useful reference in deciding some conflict or solving some
❀ …the object helps you sort out your head on something;
❀ …your object either contains some important secret, or people falsely believe it does.
You can earn each bonus once, for a total of 12 XP.

Quest Flavor
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest by…
❀ …you use the object as the framing device for a monologue/montage
❀ …the object is involved in an interesting incident from the daily life of the
❀ …you and the object witness a detailed, interesting sight from the Region
❀ …people act goofy about you and the object
❀ …you refer to your object for organization, inspiration, or security


Arc 1 - Indomitable 2

Paralyzing Fear
Keen Eyes
Vitality Bonus
Inhuman Strength
Tribulation (Can cause memory loss or an odd wasting illness that withers plants and leaves people emaciated and cadaverous. Amaranth doesn't like to use this power, and considers it a weapon of last resort.)
Inconspicuous Form (Crows, ravens or other carrion birds)

Arc 2 - Creature of the Light 1

Tireless (as long as he's adventuring, Amaranth has Miraculous Will)
The Auctoritas Magister


The Walking Fields are full of mysteries. One such mystery is a stone crypt in a sunny meadow, surrounded by amaranths. The crypt has no name inscribed upon it, nor does it have any other clue who might be interred within. Even more mysterious; a few months ago the crypt's doors opened and its occupant stepped out, an animate skeleton with full sapience but no memory of his time as a living human being and no knowledge of the forces behind his new lease on life. Taking the name Amaranth from the plants that bloomed around his crypt(and adding "the Undying" to it when he's feeling dramatic, which is often), he began to search for answers about his existence, his only clues being the two items he'd been buried with; an ancient sword and a lacquered pendant bearing the device of a white and black dragon locked in combat. Unfortunately, even Town's most prominent necrobiologists were baffled by the nature of Amaranth's re-animation - it was nothing they'd seen before and were only able to conclude that he wasn't some form of ghost, vampire or otherworldly creature(the very act of studying him disproved that last idea; Amaranth never became human no matter how much he interacted with others).

But Amaranth learned one thing about himself; he doesn't give up easily. He decided he would find the answers behind his existence no matter what; he would travel the length and breadth of Town and beyond to uncover the secrets of his past and present, and to forge his future as an adventuring hero without equal.

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