The Peerless Spirit

"No worries! No fear! Sonya's here!"

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Sonya Hou

Emotion XP: Fist-Shake!


Academics Skill: "Naturally without equal!" (monkey-brained scatter head)
Sports Skill: "Truly the best!" (not lying this time)
Favourite Food: Banana Cream Pie, Steak Tartare, Pineapple

Blood Type: A+
Animal: monkey
Age: 5015

Interesting fact: I was grown from a seed! Didn't I turn out well?

Resources & Wounds

Will (tireless) 8/8 (3/3)
MP 6/5
Normal Health [ ] [ ]
Tough Health [ ]
Divine Health [ ] [ ]


Irrepressible Nature! 4
(Superior) Gaia's Gift 3
Unavoidable Hassles 1
(Superior) Nimbus Cloud 2
Cool 2
Avoiding Trouble -1


Affliction: Trapped by this and trapped by that~
Bond: Peerless when she feels like it!

Miraculous Powers

Arc Trait: Frantic

Tireless [Ace 0]

  • An additional pool of 3 Will.
  • Replenishes every in-genre XP action taken in a scene you're in.

Cool [Ace 1]

  • Gain a scaling Cool Perk, equal to your ranks in The Ace.

The Prodigy [Ace 1]

  • 0 MP - starting mid-scene, take 1-2 enhanced actions (+2 tool bonus!).
  • 1 MP - see "Push Yourself" below.
  • 2 MP - starting mid-scene, all actions are enhanced!
  • 4 MP - enhance arbitrarily many actions for a scene.

Push Yourself[Ace 1]

  • 1 MP - mid scene, surpass the limits of the Ace and become…perfect.
  • 4 MP - do so at the beginning of the scene.

Legendary Master [Ace 2]

  • 2 MP - starting mid-scene, take perfect control over your body.
  • 4 MP - do this at any time.

Determination [Ace 2]

  • 4 MP - invoke an arbitrary amount of miraculous strength and speed.

Special Training

  • Go on a 15-XP quest to temporarily put together a level 3 Superior Skill - with some caveats.

Somebody Else's Problem [Allegory 0]

  • Special - gain a level 2 Obstacle to avoid standing out.

A Legendary Weapon [Allegory 0]

  • 0 MP - 1/book, invoke your nature as the undefeatable champion of Heaven!
  • 4 MP - invoke your nature at another time.

Wonder-Worker [Allegory 0]

  • 0 MP - 1/book, invest a mundane action with miraculous effect!
  • 1 MP - do so a second or later time per book.
  • 2 MP - do so a second or later time per chapter.

A Tangled History

  • 0 MP - invoke A Tangled History 1/book.
  • 1 MP - do so a second or later time per book.
  • 2 MP - do so a second or later time per chapter!

Mechanisms of Transport [Allegory 1]

  • 0 MP - claim a new mode of transportation 1/book (this is a level 2 superior skill).
  • 4 MP - do so a second or later time per book.

Awaken [Allegory 1]

  • 0 MP - over the course of a few minutes, awaken the inanimate 1/book.
  • 2 MP - awaken the inanimate a second or later time per book.
  • 4 MP - do so immediately!

Issues and Quests

1 Vice
- ?

Progress [Ace 2-3]

Arc XP: 0/72
Unspent XP:


Point of Pride
Type: Basic
XP: 1/9

Once a scene, earn 1-XP when…

  • …you blow off your responsibilities, and decide problems you could easily solve are too much effort. Hold up the "LAZY" side of your sign and chillax - you've earned it.
  • …your pride gets needled too much, or you get complimented to the point of inflating your ego even further. Hold up the "WARPATH" side of your sign and get to work!

Pinned Beneath a Mountain
Type: Gold
XP: 10/15

The HG can award 3 XP toward this quest when you reach up to two of the following. You:

  • are freed from some imprisonment or restrain, and placed under a new one.
  • …participate in a fun activity despite your imprisonment or restrain making it very difficult.
  • …are caught in a storm.

1/chapter you can earn bonus XP toward this quest when you:

  • …beg someone to free you.
  • …collapse in frustration and exhaustion.
  • …try to make the most of your binding - perhaps by decorating your prison or putting stickers on your handcuffs.
  • …help a tortoise stuck on its back.
  • …talk with a friend about why you've been imprisoned.

The Cut of Your Jib

Five thousand years ago, the Heron Queen planted a seed on the hillside under the noonday Sun, and you grew from that seed like a tree! A monkey-thing, a plant-thing: with a swishing tail, and flowers blooming in your hair! And you were also a perfect-thing. Peerless and beyond compare. Smart enough to learn anything, strong enough to do anything!

You lived alone in the woods - in a (treasure-filled) cave, doing whatever you liked, whenever you pleased. Your neighbours saw you as a charming nuisance, or a dangerous menace, and which they saw you as sometimes changed depending on the time of day…it's not that, you understand, you're an evil person. It's just that…you can be rude-

Are rude. And arrogant. And selfish. And prideful.

In all the ways something as perfect as you really should be! And acting as you should, you had a lot of fun. But despite that fun - and despite your kinship with the birds, and despite speaking with all the squirrels and hedgehogs and miles that you saw on your days around and about - you are often lonely. Because you've never been good at making real friends - not in your entire long life - and as you might have gathered your life has been quite long indeed…

Which is why you are now trapped. Because you took a shine to a priest who looked an interesting sort. A priest who wanted to rest, and nap and dream. And not, as it turned out, play. Which is why he tricked you, buried you, slapped a tree over the top of your cave, and had a posse of ne'er-do-wells build a shrine in the exact spot that would prevent you from escaping!

It was very anti-social really…


See also: the scrapbook!


Miraculous Arcs



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