The Light Seeker

Say something, say something, they're all looking at you—

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Susan Numidia

Emotion XP: Oh No! Susan is in Trouble!

Academics Skill: Nearly as good as she thinks it is
Sports Skill: Sports are just for dumb jocks, that's why she always pretends to be sick in gym.
Favourite Food: Rice balls, tamales, pocky
Blood Type: A-
Animal: Rabbit
Age: 15
Interesting fact: "I, um, ah…"

Resources & Wounds

Will (tireless) 8/8 (3/3)
MP 5/5
Normal Health [ ] [ ]
Tough Health [ ]
Divine Health [ ] [ ]


Book Smarts 3 You've read everything about it…
Street Smarts -1 …But you haven't lived it yet.
(Magic) Night Craft 2 There isn't much to do on the farm, so you learned to make your own toys.
Hide 1 Sometimes the world is a bit scary
Nerd 1 So you lose yourself in anime and videogames


Bond: I flee when confronted with my full name, or the name of the creator
Bond: I ride a pale horse. He’s pretty cool.
Bond: I am the Dark Detective! (from Renegade)

Miraculous Powers

Arcs: Sentimental 2, Renegade 1.

Arc Trait: Frantic
You may take the (Be in) Trouble Action any time you can meet its condition. Doing so earns you 1 MP, up to a maximum
of your starting MP. Each additional group XP that you earn from this Action also earns you an additional MP.

Arcs: Sentimental 2, Renegade 1.

Miraculous Ease [Sentimental 0]

  • An additional pool of 3 Will. It can be accessed when you are working with Seabiscuit or Roderick.
  • Replenishes every in-genre XP action taken in a scene you're in.

Haunt [Sentimental 0]
*When asleep, project yourself into the mind or dreams of a Treasure.

Lend Spirit [Sentimental 1]

  • When using Haunt:
  • Treasures resist attempts by others to influence their thoughts or actions
  • Treasures gain a small amount of added mobility, at the HG's discretion
  • Treasures may call upon your abilities, in addition to their own

A Waking Dream [Sentimental 1]

  • 1 MP - Visit a Treasure spiritually while awake
  • 4 MP - do so a second or later time in a manner of hours
  • Give treasures a +1 tool bonus and 1 point of Edge

Treasure's Call [Sentimental 1]

  • You can hear or feel when a Treasure needs you or is desperately trying to reach you.

Title [Renegade 0]

Title [Renegade 0]
Dark Detective. That's what she is, even if nobody knows it. Especially if nobody knows it.

Costume [Renegade 1]
Susan can always change into her hand-me down Rider outfit, and has free access to her notebook (a diary with “Notebook” written on the cover and lots of loose pieces of paper and other stuff jammed into it), pieces of chalk, a magnifying glass, smoke grenades, etc.

Secrets and Lies [Renegade 1]
Susan is always listening and watching, even when she appears to have gotten caught in a doorway or to be tangled in a rose bush. She can draw connections with her extensive reading and knowledge of anime to come up with unlikely insights.

Scheme [Renegade 1]
Once a story Susan can use her Detective skills and Notebook to solve a difficult problem. This functions as a wish: “I wish I could use my Detection abilities to solve this problem, at least until the end of the story.”

Night Craft (Susan’s Magical Skill)
Susan finds this skill extremely embarrassing, but it’s awfully useful sometimes. She usually uses the techniques that involve making mudpies since her Grandma warned her about the dangers of leaving deadly poisons and animated blood-monsters around the house. She told her little menagerie of woken dirt-creatures to be good and stay in the back yard until she comes back for them.

[Obstacle 1] Mold unusually sturdy things out of dirt, mud, and
[Obstacle 1] Spin out your nightmares into steel-strong thread.
[Obstacle 1] Distill shadow and soil into various nasty poisons.
[Obstacle 2] Wake things you mold out of dirt, mud, and clay
into servants
[Obstacle 2] Animate your blood or saliva, using will to move,
solidify, or liquefy them.
[Obstacle 3] Given sufficient time, construct elaborate creatures

Issues and Quests

- ?
- ?

The Haunted Journeys of the Lightseeker and the first quest is…

Packing Your Things
Major Goals
The HG can award you 5 XP towards this quest when you’ve…
❀ …be given a responsibility at home that has to be completed before you leave.
❀ …try and fail to sneak passed someone you don’t want to deal with.
❀ …lose or forget something really important.
You can earn each bonus once, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavor
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest by…
❀ …hugging your friends or family goodbye.
❀ …dreaming or fantasizing about exciting adventures.
❀ …being super clumsy.
❀ …having an exciting packing montage.
❀ …sleeping in or being late for something.
❀ …cleaning your room.
❀ …talking about what home means to you.

Genre XP Actions:
• Science, Faith, and Sorcery Actions, where you come up with a theory about how something works, and then you test it out;
• Decisive Actions, where you decide to do something;
• Wicked Actions, where you decide to do something… wrong.




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