The Light Seeker


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Susan Numidia

Emotion XP: Oh No! Susan is in Trouble!

Academics Skill: Nearly as good as she thinks it is
Sports Skill: Sports are just for dumb jocks, that's why she always pretends to be sick in gym.
Favourite Food: Rice balls, tamales, pocky
Blood Type: A-
Animal: Rabbit
Age: 15
Interesting fact: "I, um, ah…"

Resources & Wounds

Will (tireless) 8/8 (3/3)
MP 5/5
Normal Health [ ] [ ]
Tough Health [ ]
Divine Health [ ] [ ]


Book Smarts 3 You've read everything about it…
Street Smarts -1 …But you haven't lived it yet.
(Magic) Night Craft 2 There isn't much to do on the farm, so you learned to make your own toys.
Hide 1 Sometimes the world is a bit scary
Nerd 1 So you lose yourself in anime and videogames


Bond: I flee when confronted with my full name, or the name of the creator
Bond: For some reason I have this magic horse.

Miraculous Powers

Arc Trait: Frantic

Miraculous Ease [Sentimental 0]

  • An additional pool of 3 Will. It can be accessed when you are working with Seabiscuit or Roderick.
  • Replenishes every in-genre XP action taken in a scene you're in.

Haunt [Sentimental 0]
*When asleep, project yourself into the mind or dreams of a Treasure.

Lend Spirit [Sentimental 1]

  • When using Haunt:
  • Treasures resist attempts by others to influence their thoughts or actions
  • Treasures gain a small amount of added mobility, at the HG's discretion
  • Treasures may call upon your abilities, in addition to their own

A Waking Dream [Sentimental 1]

  • 1 MP - Visit a Treasure spiritually while awake
  • 4 MP - do so a second or later time in a manner of hours
  • Give treasures a +1 tool bonus and 1 point of Edge

Treasure's Call [Sentimental 1]

  • You can hear or feel when a Treasure needs you or is desperately trying to reach you.

Diving Guidance [Prophet 0]

  • 4 MP - invoke an arbitrary amount of miraculous strength and speed.

Materialization of Possibility [Prophet 0]

  • Special - gain a level 2 Obstacle to avoid standing out.

Inspiration [Prophet 1]

  • 0 MP - 1/book, invoke your nature as the undefeatable champion of Heaven!
  • 4 MP - invoke your nature at another time.

Vestments [Prophet 2]

  • 0 MP - 1/book, invest a mundane action with miraculous effect!
  • 1 MP - do so a second or later time per book.
  • 2 MP - do so a second or later time per chapter.

Hallow [Prophet 2]

  • 0 MP - invoke A Tangled History 1/book.
  • 1 MP - do so a second or later time per book.
  • 2 MP - do so a second or later time per chapter!

Illumination [Prophet 2]

  • 0 MP - claim a new mode of transportation 1/book (this is a level 2 superior skill).
  • 4 MP - do so a second or later time per book.

Issues and Quests

- ?
- ?

Progress [Prophet 2-3]

Arc XP: 0/72
Unspent XP: 0



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Miraculous Arcs



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