The Granite Knight

The Granite Knight

[Original Lifepath]

Academics Skill: Wise Enough
Sports Skill: Tough and Strong as Anybody
Favorite Foods: Herbal Tea, Rice, Noodle Soup
Blood Type: O+
Animal: Ox
An Interesting Fact About You: I have a secret love of romance novels. No one can ever know.
XP Emotion: Putting my Faith in You

Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5


Squire of the Lost Knight 3
"And I'm here to help!" 2
Freaky Knowledge of Sewing 2
Hopeful Romance Reader 1
Just a Girl -1


Bond: Curse of Stone (Complex 2)
Accessory: The Vorpal Blade of the Lost Knight (Tool +1)


Current Arc: Child of The Ash 3
XP Emotion: Putting my Faith in You
Unspent XP: 6

Basic Quest:

1/9 XP
Once upon a time…
Type: Basic; Struggle (Orange)
XP: 9

Once a scene, earn 1 XP when…

  • …you attempt to be normal. Walking around, not hurting people. You know normal.

Hold up the "NORMAL KNIGHT" side of your sign.

  • …you realize just how inhuman you truly are. Shrugging off sword blows, not needing to use oven mitts. Monstrous things. Terrible things.

Hold up the 'FREAKING MONSTER"' side of your sign.

Quest 1: External Analepsis

7/21 XP
Major Goals
The HG can award you 5 XP towards this quest when you’ve…
❀ …experienced a dream, flashback, or fantasy where you are a child.
❀ …spotted the Lost Knight in the distance but were unable to get to them before they vanished.
❀ …lay claim to a powerful object or treasure.
You can earn each bonus once, for a total of 15 XP.

Quest Flavor
1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest by…
❀ …reading or listening to an ancient legend or story of the Lost Knight.
❀ …telling story of your own past.
❀ …punching someone rather than talk about feelings.
❀ …sleeping in and missing something unimportant but fun.
❀ …struggling to get comfortable on a bed made of straw or dirt.
❀ …finding some cast off possession of the Lost Knight.
❀ …seeing something weird in the mirror.


Child of the Ash 3

Element: The Ancient Mountains
Kaiju Form: Stone Dragon
Mood: Protective

Arc 2

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