The Riders and the Hosts of the Bleak

The Wild Hunt of Thankarat Caoimh

Fly-Fornication Amenthuophis

One day, Death found the Devil's horned skull sitting in a ditch beside a road.

Death knelt over the skull and asked it what it was doing there.

"I was trying to cross the road."

Death considered this for a time and finally asked: WHY?

"To get to the other side!"

And for his sins, the Devil was taken and filled up with shadows and given an absurd name.

And that is why there is a Fly-Fornication Amenthuophis.

That is why.

One of Thankarat Caoimh’s entourage, the Rider Fly-Fornication Amenthuophis does not speak much. He has the head of an addax and carries a halberd. He is unfailingly polite, even as he burns down your home.

Qat Brandeis

Is Qat Brandeis a Rider who rides a grey horse and pals around with Thankarat Caoimh? Or is she a grey horse with psychic powers who controls a meat puppet to speak to people? It’s… it’s probably the first one. The second sounds very silly.

Thankarat Caoimh

When they tell you
That the Not need not be the enemy of Is,
That even He, King Death,
He, the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy,
That even He washes his clothes from time to time,
Remind them
Of Thankarat Caoimh.

Thankarat Caoimh is a Rider in the old style. Cruel and haughty, he is known to come into the Walking Fields and wreak havoc. When Caoimh and his WIld Hunt come into Town, the folk of the Walking Fields take cover.

His companions are Fly-Fornication Amenthouophis and his weapon is Powerlessness. Pray he does not notice you.

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