Jerrica, Practical Cosplaying Fortitude Rat

Emotion XP: Speechlessness

Fortitude Rat
Academic ability: Very Good
Athletics: Above Average, though not spectacular
Favorite food: Lately she's been into the exotic "Con Foods" of Arcadia, like bags of potato chips and Pocky. But she won't admit those are her favorite.
Star sign: Taurus/Gemini cusp
Blood Type: A (And she definitely has a little tiny donor card on her)


Superior Fortitude Rat 2 Jerrica is typically Fortitude Rat-like
Practical Rat 2 She sweats the small stuff
Stuff I Learned at Academy 2 Jerrica may have studied too hard
Explorer 1 Jerrica is curious. Prepared, but curious.
Way of the Sword 0 She is not as competent with the sword as she thinks
Tailoring; no, we are having fun and not being practical Cosplay 1 She is getting into this
Spontaneous -1 Jerrica really likes to have a plan


ARC QUEST: She will be pursuing Spirtual 2. First quest: Science! (p.346, Chuubo Beta 6-30-14) (24 points) 1/24

Preparing For a Festival (p. 340) (21 Points) 0/21

The rats will also want to plan their own parade to celebrate the conquest of Jakob the Absolver, whereat they will parade Jakob's remains (such as they are) up the Street of Great Banners before adding some form of commemoration to the lower tapestries beneath the great monuments that give the District of Eight Banners its name. Also there will be free cake

She’s always torn between getting all the details right and taking things too far. Jerrica is on a red struggle quest. It is a card with “This is good, right?” and “I don’t understand. I don’t understand.” (9 Points) 1/9

Let’s say she’s decided to go to a con dressed as Lt. Uhura from the original Star Trek. Does she introduce herself as Lt. *Nyota* Uhura? Nyota was a frequently used unofficial name before it entered canon in the J.J. Abrams movie, which was made after the world died, so might be the product of hungry ghosts rather than a legitimate first name. Should she explain her perfectly to scale 2” tricorder model was made by carving some balsa wood, applying paint, and getting flashing diodes from that electronics store in Arcadia, or stay in character and discuss its dilithium output? Or should she just say “I’m Lt. Uhura from Star Trek. Let’s check out the panels.”?

Or perhaps Jerrica and her friends are on an adventure, and a raven swoops down and tries to fly off with a week-old kit. They save the child, and the infant’s panicked cries turn to happy gurgling as his mother cradles him. A baby’s laughter is one of those ordinary moments that makes life worth living. Should she draw everyone’s attention to that, or just let the mother celebrate the reunion quietly? Should she strengthen it so that the child’s happiness lasts for days or does that cheapen the moment? Decisions, decisions.


Bond (Based on Complex Issue): I am driven to put a lot of time and research into my Cosplay costumes
Bond (2): I am driven to give advice to those I want to help
Heaven In A Wild Flower: (Miraculous Power, 0 MP 1/chapter; 2 MP second time; 4 MP after): Jerrica can overwhelm someone with the feeling of The ordinary, everyday moments of beauty that make life worth living, causing them to be forced to dwell on it.
Connection (3) — The business rats of Fortitude. As a youth, she always wanted to see what the tailors, bookbinders, town criers, shipwrights, merchants, etc. did things. She got to know them.
Connection (3) — Her home neighborhood: She grew up and lives on the roofs above Hammerhead Way in Fortitude. It’s probably, for a Rat neighborhood, lower middle class, with many families that only go on epic quests one or two weeks of the year.
Connection (3) Miramie Mesmer — She seems so practical. And Jerrica feels sorry for her. Nothing goes Miramie’s way. Did you know what happened to her last boss?
[Empty slot]
[Empty slot]


Spritual 1 (Estate: The ordinary, everyday moments of beauty that make life worth living)
Sentimental 3
Jerrica claims her home neighborhood, Miramie, the business rats of Fortitude and her advice as Treasure.
Jerrica can claim a cosplay costume as Treasure by connecting to it through her Complex issue, or permanently through a 9 point chibi-quest.

Arc Power

  • Frantic: Take the Be In Trouble action to gain 1 MP.

Spiritual 1 Powers
Estate The ordinary, everyday moments of beauty that make life worth living

  • Elemental Warning (0 MP, 1 free Strike):: When something threatens all those ordinary, everyday moments of beauty that make life worth living, Jerrica is aware of it. Example: If Chuubo was going to make a wish that everything was gray, because he felt sorry that a dog he met couldn’t see colors and felt left out, she would know since it would harm the beauty of so many ordinary things.
  • Illusions (0 MP first use; 1 MP for second use within a few hours): Jerrica can make an impression relating to her estate. Example: She might make a rat trapped in the desert feel like they had just tasted a crisp ale enjoyed with friends.
  • Spirit-Sense (1 MP) — She can learn things about these beautiful, ordinary moments. For example, by looking at a sunset, she can tell it is exactly 7:37 p.m., and the Pantone numbers needed for a printer to accurately capture the colors in a photography book.
  • Spirit-Speaker (—) — While Spirit Speaker is active, she can request things of the parts of her estate. A pop rock might fizz on your tongue longer, or her father’s hugs not feel clammy.
  • Spirit Boost (2 MP first time in chapter, 4 MP thereafter) — Significantly boost the effectiveness/power of these ordinary moments. For example, showing one to a critically injured person might rally them back to health, because they’ve seen something so worth living for.
  • Divine Mantle (Up to Arc MP) — Jerrica can get 1 Point of Miraculous Edge. While doing so, she is enrobed in an aura; light sparkles off her just so, or an aroma of your favorite food fresh from the oven engulfs the area.

Sentimental 3
Craft: Jerrica probably uses her Practical skill to try to help her friends and companions. She uses her Cosplay skill for her costumes.

  • Miraculous Ease (0 MP) — Jerrica has 3 Miraculous Will she can use when taking actions for/with her Treasure. These refresh when she performs or is present for an in-genre XP action.
  • Haunt (0 MP) — Jerrica can project herself to her Treasure in her dreams. I imagine this is mostly useful for the people she is Connected to above, unless she can project herself to anyone she’s actively sustaining an Intention to advise. Attacks on them can affect her instead/ as well.
  • Lend Spirit — While using Haunt, she can extend her knowledge and skills to them. They can resist mental influence, and also gain some mobility, so she could ask her Lt. Uhura costume to move to the front of the closet, with the model phaser ready to grab at a moment’s notice. The Treasure won’t really remember this.
  • A Waking Dream (1 MP first time; 4 MP within a few hours) — Jerrica can astrally visit her Treasure while awake.
  • Treasure’s Call (0 MP) — Jerrica can feel when one of her Treasures is trying to contact her, no matter the distance.
  • The Shepherd’s Blessing — 0 or 1 MP — For 0 MP, Jerrica can grant her Treasure a wondrous ability as a Mundane Action. Her Uhura uniform might make the wearer the Superior Communcations Officer 3 skill..For 1 MP (possibly from the other person if they also have MPs), it’s Miraculous instead (her uniform might make any communcations equipment just work, letting a tin can string phone make long distant calls to Old Molder.
  • A Fearsome Blessing (2 or 4 MP) — For 2 MP, she can use the treasure to make a miraculous attack. Her advice could sound so sensible anyone would pursue it no matter what. Four 4 MP, she can make the miracle Major, functioning as a Level 6 with massive effects in scope. The Lt. Uhura costume in the above example might be able to send out an SOS to every rat in Town using just a tin can phone.
  • Combo Move (8 MP + Deadly Wound) — Jerrica can combine her powers with a Miraculous Treasure for basically a deus ex machina, either a major miracle or Imperial miracle that substantially changes the situation in her favor, if it stays in theme.

When in doubt, Jerrica is typically:

  • Obsessively working on her latest costume
  • Meeting with and looking out for the people (and things) of her neighborhood
  • Stopping to admire a moment of simple beauty
  • Cosplaying in Arcadia (or some other spot)
  • Wandering the Far Roofs (or maybe just some unknown neighborhood of Fortitude)
  • Visiting some shopkeeper she knows and wondering how they’re doing
  • Passionately (though possibly silently) arguing with herself over her behavior
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