Jane Smith

Description: At first glance, Jane Smith looks thoroughly unremarkable. She's the sort of student you can find in every school; Literally. Because every single academic institution has a Jane Smith on its roster. Nobody remembers when she first enrolled. Her academic progress is steady and consistent: Yet somehow, her graduation day never arrives. The truth is that Jane can't ever graduate. She's a fundamental part of the system. Jane is the physical manifestation of 'school spirit', in its most positive form. She's the loyal friend who helps you study for a big test; The one who shows you that the rules are there for your own good; The one who inspires you to actually care about your school sports team.

So, is Jane the perfect student? No. When a concept takes human form, they get saddled with some extra baggage. Jane has the same range of emotions as any normal girl. She can get angry, or sad, or weary. Sometimes she even envies the students who get to leave school forever. It's the price you pay for being an actual person. Besides, delinquents have their own brand of 'school spirit'. There's more of that in her than she cares to admit. And then, of course, there's the Jane who attends Bleak Academy…

Academic: Eternal
Athletic: Decent
Blood Type: O-
Favourite Food: Cafeteria mystery special

Acceptable Dose of Delinquency 2
Scholar 2
Shine 2
Sports 2

Arcs: Called Away (School Spirit) 1
Current Arc: Called Away (School Spirit) 2

Emotion XP: "Thanks for the help!"

Basic Quest: I Succeed if you Succeed (Your own academic progress is ultimately meaningless. Only the aid you give others has true value. Triggers when you help someone succeed at a task that they couldn't have managed (or would have done worse) alone.)

Storyline Quest:

The HG can award you with 3 XP towards this Quest when;

*Another major character besides yourself is lost and you must seek them out.
*An authority figure in an academic setting (The Principal, the Headmaster, Lee Scathing, Mr. Rosewood etc) is made aware of the missing students in spite of your best attempts to keep it hush.
*You find out who or what is responsible for the lost students and have a confrontation them either at a high place or an underground location.

You can earn each bonus once for a total of 9 XP.

Once per chapter you may earn 1 bonus XP to this Quest when;

-You find a student in a strange place with no idea how they got there.
-You find a clue that might lead to the culprit.
-You put your head together with another major character about this problem.
-Wander into strange parts of School.
-Make a detailed wall of your clues and data, using string and post it's to organize your thoughts.
-You swim alone in the School pool.
-You bring someone to your Chancel for the first time.
-You interrogate a student until they crack.
-You pace the halls of School talking to yourself.

You can combine those with XP actions but you don't have to.

I must always be a student of every school. {Affliction from Called Away}
Can access miraculous Will while doing schoolwork.
Confiscator {
Type: Imperial Miracle

Description: This ability can deprive someone of a possession that is against school rules: Such as an inappropriate accessory or weapon. The item vanishes immediately; But isn't permanently lost. Its owner will inevitably find it again later. If losing the item would itself create a rules violation (such as with clothing), it may instead transform into a more acceptable form.

0 MP-Invoke on a student at school.
1 MP-Invoke on a student outside school grounds; Or a visitor to the school.
2 MP-Invoke on a teacher/staff member. Note: Staff have their own set of rules. That battleaxe the teacher is carrying may well be a legal one.
4 MP-Invoke on someone who's already graduated from school.}

Connections: Caspian; Mimi; Ruza

In their Shadow {You are your own worst enemy}
Spirit Walking (School grounds) {Be in two places at once}
Into the Mittelmarches {Summon the borders of your Realm}
Traveler’s Blessing {A bit of good fortune}
Break the Boundaries {Deal with the barriers blocking your path}
Catalytic {Give someone a massive dose of school spirit}

Realm Properties:
Anything could be part of the test.
Cheaters never prosper.
Those who know, teach.
There is always another level above you.
Uniforms are mandatory.
You want to be here.

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