Issue Sheets

One-page reference sheets for each Issue. I found that the text in the book made it much easier to conceptualize Issues at the table than the cards alone, and also being able to easily refer to the next level at the table was helpful as well, so I put together these handouts.

File nameFile typeSize
calling.pdfPDF document347.72 kBInfo
complex.pdfPDF document354.05 kBInfo
hero.pdfPDF document389.29 kBInfo
hollow.pdfPDF document318.04 kBInfo
illusion.pdfPDF document521.26 kBInfo
isolation.pdfPDF document335.86 kBInfo
it-never-stops.pdfPDF document508.2 kBInfo
mystery.pdfPDF document398.63 kBInfo
over-your-head.pdfPDF document427.36 kBInfo
sickness.pdfPDF document465.12 kBInfo
something-to-deal-with.pdfPDF document224.35 kBInfo
trust.pdfPDF document305.61 kBInfo
vice.pdfPDF document407.14 kBInfo
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