Inigo Malazumi

The Rebel Prince

Inigo Malazumi

Age: 15
Academic Skill:
Suprisingly Average
Athletics: Varied
Fav Food: Burgers and milkshakes, American style
Blood Type: O-
Animal: Dragon
Clubs: Motorcycle Repair Club

Appearance: Ludicrously attractive in a dishevelled and underfed kind of war. The sort of dark looks that will grow into the classic Byronic disposition if given the chance. Fifties Greaser hair, gleaming leather jacket and collection of heavy rock t-shirts. He tries to cultivate an aura of danger, but is slightly too young and slightly too smiley and clean-shaven to look like real menace.

Mortal Skills

Superior Delinquency 4 - Inigo is respected amongst Horizon’s delinquents for his native mastery of all those arts they hold most dear. Indeed, he is merely human, but seems to transcend mere mortal truancy to rival Unworldly Tribes or the girls from St. Vitas’ at being trouble – brawling, sneaking, lying, picking locks, nicking things, graffiti-ing walls, staying up past curfew, offending old people with his taste in music and generally being the scariest and most badass guy around. This skill grants 4 Edge for opposed acts of delinquency, and gives a mundane ability to do those things associated with delinquency, such as hanging out with the Unwordly Tribes without turning them human.
Guitar Legend 1 - You are okay at the guitar, even if it is more energy than proficiency.
Cool 3 - You are impossibly cool.
Crying Manly Tears 0 - You totally never cry, right?
Superior Magister of the Light 0 - You have no particular proficiency at being an unmoved mover, a metaphysically overwhelming force, though it seems odds possible for you.
"Kneeling before the throne" -1 - You are just bad at doing what you are told.


  • Connection 1 - Adelaide was… no, is my best friend. Lets leave the past in the past.
  • Connection 1 - Kagami is no match for my criminal genius. The game is, like, totally afoot or whatever! (This is so cool…)
  • Connection 1 - Kun could be a pretty cool guy, but he needs someone to teach him how to party.
  • Connection -1 - Lex thinks his money and his cool pirate outfit and his ears make him so cool. He isn't.
  • Bond 2- I cannot turn my back on suffering

Well-Liked by the Dispossessed
Type: Miraculous Action
Cost: 0 MP — invoke 1-2x/scene to become instantly simpatico with an underclass NPC; 1 MP — invoke a third or later time per scene
The delinquent, the homeless, the underdogs, the lost and the mad know you and you know them. Invoke Well-Liked while talking to societies’ rejects and you’ll get an instant two-way surge of empathy and fellow-feeling as well as a summary of what they’ve been thinking about and doing for the past scene or hour of their life.

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

Becoming Somebody 2

Truth: Gloriously Aflame with Passion
His Failing is: Doomed to Die Tragically Young
His Role is: Rebel Prince of the Burning Heart

The Bell Tolls
Inigo can see when someone is Doomed, when tragic circumstance, malicious curses or conspiring forces lurk over someone.

The Fire That Perceives the Flame
Inigo can sense the fire of the human heart - the passions, yearnings and outrages that inspire cannot be held from him.

The Ballad of Inigo Malizumi, Rebel Prince of Horizon
Everyone with any connection to School can hum the refrain of the Ballad of the Rebel of Horizon, and remember a few lines from the chorus about Inigo being gloriously aflame, doomed to die and the prince of their hearts. The ballad serves as part advertisement, part prophecy, and signs and portents surround and support its promised accuracy. A level 3 Auctoritas protects the prophetic foreshadowing of the song against all forms of transmutation, corruption or pressure. When Recharge Token is spent, new verses are added to the Ballad over the course of play by tooling around on his guitar. It is uncanny, in that nobody actually needs to hear these new verses for them to catch in the zietgiest and for people to start expecting them to happen. Once a new legend is added, it just spreads like wildfire. Now, if the new verse claims something literally unbelievable or out of character — something like “Inigo will become the head of the high bureaucratic government department” or “Inigo will cure vampirism with his sweat” — people may conclude that the song is speaking in abtuse metaphor or the version they heard is a mondregreen. But for the most part, when Inigo adds something to the Ballad, it will happen.

The Revolution, Now On Tour
Inigo is the Rebel of Horizon, but he can totally take his show on the road. Wherever he goes, his mantle – the one that roughly translates as ‘Passionate & Cool Enemy of Orthodoxy” - supports him. Be he overthrowing ancient monarchs with his boomstick, taking on scientific orthodoxy as a inspired genius or subbing in as the masked defender of a Mexican village oppressed by the Don’s men, while he sustains an action, he has a level 3 Affliction that’s basically “This is where I am called to be!”

Rebel Yell
When communicating or symbolising defiance or defending passions, Inigo is supernaturally impossible to silence or impede.

The People's Voice
While Rebel Yell is invoked, the fire of passion spreads from Inigo's heart unstoppably. With this power, dead hearts can be brought passionately alive, the sad and broken can become beautiful people, the powers of orthadoxy can rip their system apart and a cacophony of Wishing Hearts can be synchronised into a chorus. This expression tends to follow Inigo’s lead, so can vary between hippie drum circle or the Parisian Mobb, but it is never quiet or subtle.

Abash the Devil
Inigo can cut people off from the flame of desire, turning them into drones, lacking vision or actualisation or hope for a better future.

Planting the Flag
Like any good teenager, Inigo can instantly love something with his entire being. When he does, he can claim a Level 4 Connection.

Creature of the Light 0

Guitar Hero
Inigo is maintained by three chords and the truth, and has access to miraculous will when he is wailing on his guitar.

Inigo takes looking cool to an entirely new level, always benefiting from good lighting.

XP And Quests

XP Emotion: Fist-pump/Salute XP

Basic Quest

Fake it ‘til You Make It
XP: 0/10
When Inigo is saying or emoting this to everyone … .
I am literally too cool for School

Some deeply- or shallowly-buried part of him is actually thinking this:
I am desperate for people to like me

Inigo can earn a bonus XP at any time (though only once per scene) by expressing that emotion by tagging the ‘sign’ behind a spoiler tag.

Reward: Each time Inigo completes this quest, he earns a Recharge Token — some pretension or belief or attitude has stuck, becoming integral enough to him that by holding on to it, he is able to either:

  • replenish his stores of Will and MP; or
  • define a new Truth about the increasingly legendary Rebel of Horizon.

Rebel Without a Clue!
XP: 0/15 xp

Inigo has taken up a Cause – some real or perceived injustice bothers him, and he is going to make some noise about it. Finally, there’s a problem in Horizon that calls for his brand of trouble! Implicitly, this quest is about Inigo biting off more than he can chew and learning the price of principles.
The HG can award 3 XP towards this quest when:

  • You declare publicly that you are taking up the burden of the Cause: someone explicitly puts the problem in your hands, or something explicitly causes you to take it up;
  • You meet the Authority (the symbolic figure for this Arc that represents opposition to your Cause);
  • You encounter entrenched opposition to the Cause (be it the Authority, their agents or a privileged beneficiary) and it gets you in serious danger.

You can earn each bonus once, for a total of 9 XP.

1/chapter, Inigo can earn a bonus XP towards this quest through:

  • Sympathizing with, or assisting, the outcast and the dispossessed;
  • Dragging another PC or Major NPC into supporting his Cause;
  • Proposing a new theory about the morality of his;
  • Dreams of burning, purifying light call him to a place of danger.
  • You talk with someone about how you fear your Cause will contribute to your death.

Inigo can combine this with an XP Action, but you’re not required to.

Reward for Quest Completion: Inigo has made a legitimate sacrifice for something larger than himself and in doing so, has put his feet on the path of becoming a real rebel. He will gain something like:
- A Bond or Affliction Perk connecting him to his Cause
- A Shine Perk
- Connection Perk to a fellow true believer.

Putting Together a Band
XP: 0/9
The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:

  • you convince someone to join your band
  • your band plays its first gig

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest by:

  • having a fierce musical duel with someone
  • you practice the guitar
  • your music overcomes the problems in the rest of your life
  • you ask someone to join your band
  • you print fliers
  • you hear a PC or Major NPC make music.

Reward for Quest Completion: Inigo has a band. People maybe hire them for gigs, and they definitely jam in the basement laundry of the apartment building. This makes him pretty happy. He will also gain something like:

  • A Power-up to his Cool or Guitar Legend skills
  • A Connection Perk to his band
  • A minor music-themed Miraculous power

Mutable Stats

Will: 8/8
MP: 5/5

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