Ilyana Sudovic


She speaks dramatically of the day she died and rose again as the damned, but she never died per se. Oh, she’s dead. But that’s just because she acted the part of vampire aristocracy so well that her heart stopped beating and she sprouted fangs. As someone who intensely sought the undying glamour of the living dead, she attempted every method she could to emulate one—she even changed her name because her birthname wasn't vampiric enough. She just kept going and going like that for who knows how long; she for one certainly doesn’t know because she was so busy being a vampire she never bothered keeping track of the years.

Having achieved her goal, the malaise began to grow. She’s definitely been around for a good while, enough for experiences to begin repeating. Her life’s been a quest for new simulation. She founded her own vampire family and then another one, tore down and rebuilt her mansion several times, experimented with many things, took up hobbies and abandoned them, and so on. When she heard of the expedition, she promptly prepared a ship for it and declared herself a captain. Maybe rescuing people from the Outside’ll be good for a lark.

There’s one thing she doesn’t admit to herself: she’s lonely.


  • Academics Skill: Vampire nobility don’t care about such things.
  • Sports Skill: Vampire nobility don’t care about such things.
  • Favorite Foods: Rage, fear, agony, anxiety, desperation, despair; blood. All of it’s delicious.
  • Blood Type: I am metaphorically type O!
  • Animal: Bats and cats.
  • Age: Vampire nobility don’t care about such things.
  • Sunlight: Vampire nobility shouldn’t have to worry about the sun. Therefore, I don’t!
  • Pillow-Teeth Tea: Vampire nobility doesn’t drink pillow-teeth tea.
  • Hair: Curly black ("as the depths of her souls") hair tumbling down to her feet.
  • Eyes: Red ("as her bloody hungers").
  • Distinguishing Features: Strong aristocratic pointed nose, prominent cheekbones.
  • Outfit: Always aristocratic, but widely variable otherwise (fancy dresses, suits, etc.).


  • (Superior) Vampire 3
  • Commanding Presence 2
  • Superior Elegance 3 (same as Physical Control)
  • Superior Vitality 0 (Brute force just isn't elegant)
  • -1 Being Humble or Admitting Weakness


  • Affliction 3: I am a creature of many shapes
  • Bond 3: I command all before me

Past Arcs

Being Someone 3

  • Truth: Elegant
  • Role: Vampire Aristocrat
  • Failing: Hungry

Current Arc

Keeper of Gardens

Basic Quest 0/10: Fighting Boredom (flips state between Engaged/Bored)
Hobby (Passionate version) 1/20: Learning to be a Captain
The Object 6/20: Letter of Mark

XP Emote: Fist Shake

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