Character in Harry Potter and the Marvelous Wish Granting Engine

Rose "Nettle" Wakefield

The nickname is one she selected herself because ugh, flower names, so boring.

And also… so that people remember the thorns.

Academic Skill: Above Average
Physical Skill: Great
Favorite Foods: Sheep's Trotters, Rice Milk, Saloop.
Hobbies: Exploring, Amateur Sleuthing, Pranks.
Blood Type: O
Animal: Hippogriff
Age: 11
Interesting Fact: "Smatter-hauling" means stealing handkerchiefs, for which there is a ready market. In the this day and age, handkerchiefs are signs of wealth, and quite expensive.


Wand Magic 1 - Nettle is decently skilled at Wand Magic for a first-year Muggleborn

Potions 1 - She grasps the basics of Potions

Getting Around 3 - The streets of London can put some mazes to shame, but Nettle knows her way around. This is a skill for running, climbing, and navigation.

Detective 2 - There's this really odd guy on 221b Baker Street who pays good money for the right information. He's a weirdo drug addict but he knows his stuff. Nettle has picked up a few things.

Street-Child 1 - Nettle has picked up a few tricks on the streets for when the money ran low - mostly sneaking, pickpocketing, smatter-hauling and other feats of legerdemain and thievery.

Arc Traits

Storyteller (Adventurer! [Self-Proclaimed]) 0

Arc Progress: 1/72

Bond 2: "I love exploring new things!"

Affliction 0: "I am good at figuring things out."


Connection:Callie 1 I admire her drive, though she could stand to loosen up a bit.

Connection: Muggle London 2 I know this city better than most.

Emotion XP

Putting My Faith in You.

Your bonus XP emotion is confidence or faith.

You specifically want people to look at something impossible, some terrible threat or some situation that they want you to handle, and go “Nettle can do it!” You want them to feel confident that you’ll get them through.

For balance’s sake, though, you’re also allowed to get bonus XP if people have confidence that you’ll fail—that not even you can do… this thing they’ve foisted on you, or the challenge that you’re now taking on. If they have faith that you’ve gotten into deeper trouble than even you can handle. That you’re totally going to be beaten—this time.

In short, you want people to put on a serious face and solemnly put their faith in you to win, but it doesn’t matter for XP purposes whether they’re being serious, faux-serious, or outright sarcastic.

You can earn up to 1 confidence XP every 15 minutes of real time. If you don’t have to take a given situation or problem on, if you could duck out of it or ignore it but you accept the challenge because someone offers you/dares you to with an XP, that particular XP is not limited by the 15-minute rule.


Basic quest: Melodramatic. "Now that's magic". 1/9

Storyteller 1 Quest: Adventure GET! 0/21

Shepherd 1 Side Quest: Connecting With Hogwarts. "I think I'm getting the hang of this place." 0/12


Nettle is technically not an orphan, in that one of parents is still alive. However after her mother Iris (ugh, flower names) died a few years back, her father Adam turned to drink… well, he drank even more than he used to, anyway. Nettle was largely left to fend for herself. She has dim but fond memories of her sickly mother. Her relationship with her father is not abusive - it's not enough of a relationship to count as that.

Nettle has been fending for herself and living on the streets since then. She mostly took odd jobs here and there, mainly as a courier, staying out of the factories save under duress. On rare occasions she dipped into stealing and other unsavory activities to supplement her meager income. Her circumstances became a bit better after joining the Baker Street Irregulars, but in the end Nettle was just another street kid - and London has thousands of those.

Until she got her letter.

Her first reaction was disbelief, although the fact that the letter was not addressed to her nominal home but to "Third box on the right, The small alley off of Oldbury Place" went a long way to convincing her that magic was real. Thankfully Hogwarts sends a teacher round to explain things to Muggleborns, or getting to the school would have been a job and a half.

As it was she had to blow through the entirety of 3 years of savings to afford her school supplies: second hand books; faded, worn robes; and the cheapest wand in Diagon Alley, which took some searching after she was thrown out of Ollivander's for having the temerity to ask for something cheap.

But it's all worth it. It's a magic castle. Nettle would give anything to go there. It's not just an escape from a life on the streets - it's like something she might have dreamed of when she was a kid. A real kid, I mean, who didn't know the harshness of the world. She's been given a chance to realize her most childish fantasies. So she's going to take the Wizarding World by storm, no matter what.

And anyone who tries to get in her way had best remember her thorns.




Current Status

8 Will
1 MP

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