Character in Harry Potter and the Marvelous Wish Granting Engine
Callidora "Callie" Whytecliff

Academic Skill: Good, brought to Great by indecent amounts of effort
Physical Skill: Fair
Favorite Foods: Mulligatawny soup, roast goat, porridge
Hobbies: Investigating mysteries
Blood Type: A+
Animal: Salamander
Age: 11
Interesting Fact:
Ancient wizards were buried with their wands, but witches weren't, and nobody knows what they did with them! Isn't that odd? Isn't that amazing?

Wand Magic 1: It's hard to hold onto with these gloves.
Potions 1: It's just like cooking, but more respectable.
Magic Nerd 1: What's more interesting than the history of magic? Nothing, that's what.
Superior psychometrics 2: The proper name is "petrolalia" and it's not a parlor trick, so no, I won't touch your beastly old rock.
Driven 2: We're only at school for seven years! How can I learn everything in seven years?
Cooking 1: I used to use dad's wand to cook dinner all the time. It's easy!
Small Talk -1: Why do people want to talk about such stupid stuff?

Bond: I get obsessed with odd details (2)
Affliction: I always dig for hidden secrets.

Basic Quest: Blue quest "I've got a theory about that"

XP Emotion: Speechless

Arc: Bindings, Mental training. Callie is driven to make sense of what she's seen and live up to her mother's expectations.
From here she might go to Someone's in Trouble or if she doesn't make any friends, to Bind and probably downhill from there.

Other Stuff

  • a level 1 Connection to any PC
  • 2 Normal Health Levels, 1 Tough Health Level




Current Status

8 Will
1 MP

Callie is the daughter of British wizardly scholars who traveled around the Empire studying ancient sites who developed petrolalia, "speaking in stones", a rare magical gift/curse that allows one to hear the words and feel the thoughts of long-gone peoples by touching the stones of their buildings. It was quite useful for the parents, but they didn't realize how traumatic it was for her, especially when searching for the lost libraries of mad wizards. She typically wears ladies' gloves after once accidentally touching a fragment of a lintel recovered from Pompeii (shudder). She's trying to be a normal, if bookish, young witch but people from the Ministry keep coming to Hogwarts to have her touch things…

Mother was in Ravenclaw, that fits. They judge you on your mind there and not your size, or so she's heard.

Other house option: Slytherin. She's angry and ambitious and has something to prove. More to the point, she's got a head full of the thoughts of dead tyrants and mad wizards, clues to dark and forgotten magics too. If she put it all together she'd be a terror, but she doesn't know that yet.

Bonus Q&A
What is your character's wand like?
Callidora has an almost comically long wand for her small stature, pressed on her by the man at Ollivander's who said she'd grow into it. Shiny black holly with unicorn hair, it has a tendency to spit sparks when Callidora gets angry.

Who are your character's parents, and what was their home life like?
Eustace Whytecliffe comes from an ancient and storied family of wizards; Jane Whytecliff is a brilliant Muggleborn Witch from the Midlands. They met when Jane visited the Whytecliff estate to examine the family archives of the Goblin Uprising, when a Whytecliff scion led the Wizengamott. The archive was hopelessly worm eaten, but Eustace was smitten and soon offered her his heart, and the resources of his house, in pursuing her researches.
After the marriage, the young couple left on a Grand Tour of the wizarding world that has never really ended. Callidora has seen the family estate once only, for her home is a cluster of tents, servants, and diggers in some far-flung corner of Empire. She grew up running with the native children and assisting her parents in their labors. She has been keeping small black notebooks of her sketches and observations since she was six. When she learned to hear the voices of stones, she finally had a way to get her mother's attention and she's spent way too much time in tombs and temples.

How did your character feel upon being accepted to Hogwarts?
It's only natural they would want a girl of such extraordinary talent. She will have to work hard to join her mother as an equal someday.

Is your character a pureblood, half-blood, or muggleborn?
"Halfblood" is an impolite term.

What are your character's favorite hobbies?
Callidora sketches and writes letters home, and exercises with grim discipline. She's heard of hobbies but doesn't believe in them.

What are your character's pet peeves?
Being treated like a child.
Jokes she doesn't understand, which is most of them.

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