Name: Samantha
Color: Dark Green
Symbol: A cute spider
Guardian: Mother, a professional and somewhat sinister herpetologist-turned-cosmetics manufacturer
Sylladex Modus: Hidden Object Puzzle
Strife Specibus: Whipkind
Web Browser: Hecate
Favorite Media: Indiana Jones Movies (unless that's too specific)

Your name is SAMANTHA and you live in a TROPICAL PARADISE, which you hate because of the stupidly perfect weather and natural beauty. Your passion is ARCHAEOLOGY and your room is covered with posters of a certain fedora-wearing movie character. You can snuff a candle with a bullwhip (sometimes) and your home is full of MYSTERIOUS IDOLS and CUNNING TRAPS, including a newly acquired idol supposedly carrying a curse. You also play some VIDEO GAMES and PING PONG. Your mother, a distant woman who turned a passion for EXOTIC SNAKE VENOMS into a COSMETICS EMPIRE bought you an EVIL ROBOT as a ping pong opponent, and you have never beaten it. You are an AVERAGE BUT ENTHUSIASTIC student and are thoroughly addicted to HAMSTER BRAND ENERGY DRINKS.

Whipkind 2
Athletics 2
Archaeology 1
Ping Pong 1
Traps 1
Obscure Languages 1

EMOTION XP: Speechlessness

BASIC QUEST: Studying the World Around You (Whenever you experiment with or propose a theory about a part of your world, gain 1 Quest xp)

ARC: Bindings (Cursed Idol)
STARTING QUEST: Science! (Investigate the idol)

Level 2: I must always investigate a mystery

I will sacrifice anything for a friend

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