Linda Fardale

Your Colour: gray (808080)
Your Symbol: Eye
Your Guardian: the school janitor, a wise meddling old guy like from kungfu movie. Despite not being chinese.
Your Sylladex Modus: closest match
Your Strife Specibus: you struggle with photography, literally and figuratively
Your Web browser: Unicorn, build Sparkly.
Favourite Media: political shows: West Wing, Mad Men, Yes Minister, etc. (GoT is so mainstream)

Zour name is LINDA and zou live in a SMALL WOODEN SHACK on top of TALL SCHOOL BUILDING. Zou are a student of PHOTOGRAPHZ, although zour real calling is PAINTING. Zour room is decorated by old ads and posters of people in TUXEDO.
Zou do COSPLAZ and like to dress zourself in various MASKS. Too bad zou are too shz to show off to people.

Zou wear GLASSES, but cannot do the glare-in-dark zet. Zou keep practicing.

Zou consider zourself a MASTER SCHEMER. So far zour greatest success was taking over the post of school RESIDENTIAL ASSISTANT (no one wanted to do it), but that is just a first step. Zou admire POLITICIANS, evil veyiers, and graz eminences behind the throne. Zour personal hero is DAVID XANATOS, because scheming and suit.

LINDA FARDALE aka manualMirage

Paparazzi 2 (for getting where she shouldn't be, stalking people, writing exciting exposee's. Also, operating a camera)
Cosplay 2 (for making costumes, doing disguises, and going gaga over cool looking characters)
Wannabe politician 1 (for dressing dapper, making speeches and cutting backroom deals)
Superior patience 1
Fondness for high places 1
Imposing Glare 1

BOND: Truth needs to get out! (And I am driven to help it)
AFFLICTION: Proofs of conspiracies surface around me

ARC: Storyteller (Investigative journalist)

EMOTION XP: Fist Bump (larger than life)

BASIC QUEST: thinking on this still
probably exciting, when Linda gets too much into things and her journalisting becomes Over the Top!

STARTING QUEST: Adventure Get!

SIDE-QUEST: Enter (Get into the game!)

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