Hunter Monroe

Colour: Money Green
Symbol: Six sided die
Your Guardian: Sister
Sylladex: Slot Machine Modus
Strife Specibus: Bowkind
Web Browser: Ganesh
Favorite Media: Reality Game Shows

Your name is HUNTER. You are sitting in your LAVISH HOTEL ROOM. You're hungry and you know you could have just about anything you want from the 24 HOUR ROOM SERVICE. LAS VEGAS has everything. So many choices. You spin the LARGE GOLDEN GLOBE you have in your HUGE DINING ROOM and close your eyes. You point. It comes up Thailand. You make the call ordering an assortment of THAI FOOD. What a life! It wasn't always like this. You and your Mom struggled for most of your life. Things have gotten LIGHT YEARS better for you. Your PANDA is out taking a nap on the PATIO. He's fun to nap with but you're feeling energetic. You don't have another POKER TOURNAMENT until tomorrow, which leaves lots of time for practicing your ARCHERY skills. You turn on your GAME SIMULATOR and pick up your BOW. You can PRACTICE until the food comes.

NAME: Hunter Monroe
CHUMHANDLE: gorgeousGamble

Superior Luck (2)
Gambling (2)
Animal Handling (1)
Archery (1)
Dancing (1)
Con-Artist (1)
Cleaning (-1)

BOND: Flirtatious (2)
AFFLICTION: I can't turn down a bet (0)

ARC: Mystic (Gambler) 0

EMOTIONAL XP: Holding your breath in anticipation.

BASIC QUEST: Melodramatic (You're obsessed with gambling and making lots of money. When you see something, are involved in something or something reminds you of this obsession you say some variant of the catch-phrase; "All in!" and gain 1 XP)

STARTING QUEST: Changes (Things are changing in your life)

SIDE-QUEST: Enter (Get into the game!)

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