Eugene Linus Eli Ingman

Color: #660066
Symbol: My forum avatar
Guardian: Cousin
Sylladex Modus: Minigame Modus (You must play a minigame related to the item you're retriving. How poorly you do determines how far away it is ejected and/or how hard-to-reach that place is.)
Strife Specibus: Disckind
Web browser: Pendragon
Favourite Media: RPG's and Card Games

Eugene Linus Ingman

Ew! No! Just because it's what's on your birth certificate doesn't mean it's your name.

Your name is ELI, 26. It is midday in your DESERT HOME, and your COUSIN will be home soon with the groceries. You can't wait for a good lunch. Yes, you still live in the figurative MOTHER'S BASEMENT but not by choice: you just can't seem to get a handle the whole LIVING ON YOUR OWN thing.

You can't wait for a good lunch. Your room is fill with DRAGON PARAPHERNALIA, from posters, to plushies, to your pajamas, to even chess set, even though you've given up playing. You mean, sure, you can have fun losing, but not when there isn't even the slightest chance of victory. Your INTERESTS for few and similar. You enjoy GAMES and T.V. and BOOKS and talking with other on the INTERNET; especially about games and T.V. and books. You've even taken up the ART OF MAKING YOUR OWN games and T.V. shows and books, but so far nothing you've published has garnered any significant attention. Maybe it's due to your low standards on what media you find enjoyable. You did enjoy STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE without the slightest bit of irony.

You speak >In a commanding tone._ though that is not indicative of your actual mood nor opinions on anything.

Games 2
T.V 2
Books 2
Food 1
Being Creative 1

ARC: Emptiness (Living On Your Own) 0


BASIC QUEST: Breaking the Fourth Wall (0/9)

BOND: I love dragons (2)

AFFLICTION: I have low standards of what I find enjoyable (0)

XP EMOTION: Thumbs Up!

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