Hitomi comes from a world twenty minutes into future, a second child of rich Japanese parents. Well, poor by her standards. She doesn't have a mansion with a heated outdoor pool, and her flat screens were only the size of a book case not a wall.

Hitomi..Hitomi wasn't really a good student, or a good person even. Her sister was always the smart one, and the talented one. Hitomi, she ended up just always obsessing about something. A new girl. A computer game. A boy. The right clothes.

Then the world ended. That was surprising.

XP Emotion:

  • Facedesk


Gold : Hitomi has gotten as good as she can get at forgeting homework and microwaving instant meals. And well its not clear either of those are useful anymore. 0/75 xp


Basic Quest: Generic Exciting Quest

Once per page you can put up the "Over the Top!" sign for a XP

Arc Quest : Above the Fray (Simplified)

Major Goals

  • You enact a meaningful judgment—impose a penance, punish a criminal or enemy, or forgive someone in an official capacity;
  • You seek and receive some sort of divine guidance;
  • You have a cathartic breakdown.

Quest Flavor

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when:

  • you review reports or records of a dangerous part of the setting, e.g., the Outside or Bluebell Park, somehow relevant to the substance of this Arc. * chores pile up while you figure out what to do
  • someone cooks for you, brings you a hot drink, or puts you to bed
  • in “walk and talk” decision-making scenes

You can combine this with an XP Action, but you’re not required to



  • Using microwaves [ovens] : 1
  • Forgeting her Homework: 3
  • "Yosh!!" 1
  • Tuxedo Kamen (magical skill) 1
  • paru paru beamu (i.e. glaring jealously) 2


"This time for sure!" 2



Magical Effects for Tuxedo Kamen:

Obstacle 1: Have a rose on hand.
Obstacle 1: Know where the best place to stand to get attention is
Obstacle 1: Rate tuxedos/and or masks.
Obstacle 2: Chang into a tuxedo and mask really fast.
Obstacle 2: Appear in a high place!
Obstacle 2: Give a rousing speech!
Obstacle 3: Distract a foe!
Obstacle 3: Become mind controlled!
Obstacle 4: Take a hit for someone.

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