a Wishing Child who is having the --Worst-- BEST Pancake Week Ever

Age: 8
Emotion XP: Thumbs Up


You don’t know why this adventure is called the Worst Pancake Week Ever. You bet that it’s going to be the best for you, Chuubo. Two years ago, when you were six, it was pretty good, but let's face it, you were just a little kid then. Last year was much better, 'cause you understood Pancake Week so much better. So this year's gotta be the best. That just makes sense.

Besides, life is good for you. You have a loving mommy and daddy. You think. You don’t see them much, but someone must keep the house stocked with juice boxes. And besides, you recenty invented the greatest thing ever. You took a cardboard box and wrote on it: Chuubo’s Wish Granting Engine

So now everything you want is going to come true.


Important Adventure Question


  • Game Day!
  • Eating Pancakes!
  • The excitement of the grappling day (even if I don’t excel there)
  • The shininess of the bonfire where the Kostroma dolls are burned at the end of the festival
  • It’s all so amazing!
  • Something else:



  • Kindness 2
  • Good Smile 2
  • Childhood Games 1 (Jacks, hopscotch, bicycling, Mario Kart, etc.)
  • Get Really Excited! 2
  • Catchphrase: “I’m eight, you know” 1
  • Giant Snake 0 (Why is this even on the character sheet? Does Chuubo like giant snakes? Does he have a Midgard Serpent action figure?)


Bond based on [Calling]: Ordinary: ensures that Chuubo finds it easy to be a perfectly ordinary five-year-old child
Connection: The Caretaker 1: Once you visited the Titov shrine (maybe you skinned your knee or hurt yourself more seriously while playing nearby?) and Diána tended to your injury. And she was all surly and serious, like she knew you were old enough to be treated like a big kid, not some baby that has to be talked down to. So you really respect her.


Chuubo has 2 Normal, 1 Tough and 2 Divine Health Levels.

  • Wounds: (If Any)

He has 8 Will

  • Used Will ?? of 8

He has 5 MP

  • Used MP ?? of 8

Arc: Reality Syndrome 1

His Experience is his daydreams. His Childish Dreams usually involve things he wants appearing in the cardboard box he has labeled Chuubo’s Wish Granting Engine

Shared Experience (0 MP once per book; 4 MP again) People can perceive and adjust your daydreams
Dreams Made Flesh (0 MP once per book, 4 MP again) You can pull things out of your daydreams
Childish Dreams (Imperial Miracle) You can make things you want manifest, while sustaining an Intention.

More details on page 501 of CMWGE.

Anytime quest: Demonstrating Maturity

(0/9 XP)

You’re eight, and that's not young. You're nearly a tween. You don’t need to be constantly looked over like a little baby anymore — but sometimes you want that. You can reflect that with this two sided sign: **I’M A BIG KID/ I’m scared.

Quest 1: Taking Care of Yourself

0 out of 24 XP

There’s a quest in CMWGE called “Taking Care of A Small Child.” You don't think of yourself as small, but it's close enough. You’re going to get XP just for doing what you’d normally do! This is shaping up to be the Best Pancake Week Ever!

Major goals:

  • something happens to you that gives you a reason to panic, but at some point afterwards things are mostly OK.
  • You celebrate Games Day of Pancake Week. (If it looks like you're not going to get there in time, use the Worst Pancake Week Ever ritual to make it that day)

Quest Flavor

  • Accomanying a main character or other PC on a walk, light chore/adventure, or to a gathering
  • Having a conversation with someone about something goofy
  • having a conversation with someone about something surprisingly relevant
  • Learning or being told stories
  • Hearing about the other PCs’ adventures, or telling of your own
  • Having a meaningful conversation with a PC or important NPC about yourself
  • Doing something to actively take care of yourself

Results: You know what you want to do next! And you also get a neat Miraculous Knight 1 Perk from CMWGE p. 400. What a great book!

Quest 2: Let's Doing

(0 of 21 XP)

Something big, complicated and threatening might be taking place (possibly Pancake Week related), but you’re ready. After all, you’re eight! And you’ve got a brand new bicycle. Not that it will necessarily help with this quest, but it’s a really cool bike.

Major goals (each can be earned more than once, max 9 XP)

  • You meet a new antagonist, ally, or child who has a crush on you or wants to play house with you and pretend to be a married couple. (Don't worry if you think kissing is gross; it's optional.)
  • Three chapters pass without obvious IC progress on this quest.

Quest Flavor

  • Narrate your impression of a PC, Main Character, Arc-related NPC,labyrinth, high place, or key location for the Arc, as if explaining them to a reader or video game player; you may do this IC or OOC.
  • Drag other Main Characters into your quest-related activities/investigations
  • Grandstand about your reasons for being on this quest
  • Talk with somebody about your dreams for what Pancake Week will bring
  • Talk with somebody about death
  • Get hurt emotionally by somebody somehow involved in the story of this Arc

Results: You’ve made a big decision or come to a huge realization and know things will be different now, or tomorrow at the latest. Also, a Knight 2 Perk!

Quest 3: James James Said To His Mother

0 of 15 XP

What you’ve done has gotten you recognized. It’s given you responsibilities. Big ones! (Walking a dog? Cheering up a depressed friend? A duel with the thing under the Titov shrine in a wrestling ring? I can’t tell you as I’m writing this, but you’ll know when you get to this quest). This quest explores the heavy burdens of being so mature.

Major goals (Up to two)

  • You’re torn between two teams, two great friendships, or two loyalties.
  • You ignore a lecture from an authority figure or the excited storytelling of a friend because they're probably too old and silly to know what matters.
  • Some other young child has a major crush on you.

Quest Flavor

  • You go somewhere for the first time and take the spotlight.
  • A montage of games, play dates, dance or music lessons and and people dragging you places
  • You’re interrupted while trying to have fun because there’s somewhere you have to be
  • You’re hugged so hard you can’t breathe.
  • You try to do something bad or naughty while at a big gathering, but attempt to do it surreptitiously, so nobody notices.

Results: You made a mistake. Maybe people are mad at you, Or maybe you’ve grown more mature. But you also get a Knight 3 Perk, and if you want can claim Reality Syndrome 2 to be awesome while the other PCs finish up.

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