Rinley Doe

a feral youth who is having the Worst Pancake Week Ever

Age: You look about 14, but nobody knows when your birthday is exactly.
Emotion XP: Groan


You're called Rinley Doe, but last name isn’t really Doe. You don’t actually know too many does. Dogs, pigeons, cats, mice, snakes, turtles, a couple of potbelly pigs whose owners let them wander the streets, yes. But deer are relatively rare in Fortitude. And you were more or less raised by animals who found you in an alley, supervised by the zombie-like First Free Dog.

When people first realized there was a baby girl among these creatures, being fed on the scraps they collected, they concluded you had the luck of Rinley, and the name stuck.

Now you’re in your teens, and you probably only spend half your time on the street and the rest in the Archives, though you still have a bit of that wild girl feel to you.

Pancake Week has always been a mixed bag to you. One one had, there’s food! When you’re used to living on scraps, that’s important. But not all of it is safe to eat, like the stuff made for the dead. And there are crowds. Bustling. It’s not safe for the smaller breeds to walk the street, and they go hungry while humans feast.

But maybe you can change this. You don't want to sabotage Pancake Week, but maybe you'd like to make everyone do it completely differently. Bet you can!

Important Adventure Question


  • The grappling is pretty cool. It reminds me of watching my friends the dogs quarrel.
  • The pancakes are pretty tasty…
  • … but I really love it after the big pancake eating gatherings are over and me and my friends can sneak in and get all the leftovers!
  • Something else:

Answer: Man, I really love it when me and my friends can sneak in and get all the leftovers! So much delicious food! And we have our own party, which is pretty sweet! And sometimes we even have a food fight, which almost never gets to happen, and the raccoons and cats get into a huge blueberry pancake fight. Little known fact - cats love blueberries.


  • Storyteller 2
  • Superior Animal Friend 3
  • Parkour 2
  • Superior Spiritual Energy 1
  • Superior Hunter 1 (from your Arc and noted below)

Superior Animal Friend lets her converse with animals as if they were people, and have them react to her in the same way. She can also get Edge while acting like an animal (sniffing things out, growling in an intimidating way, running real fast, sticking her head in the sand so no one can see her, etc.).


Connection 1: Chuubo. You see this kid wandering around all the time. And you’ve never met anyone else who realizes how boring sea gulls are.
Connection 2: First Free Dog. This zombie canine and Fortitude’s unspoken (unspeakable?) mascot is the closest thing you have to a parent.
Connection 1: The animals of Fortitude
Bond 2: “Uncivilized” — You are driven to act “uncivilized.” Use this when your pseudo-feral upbringing gets you in trouble, or makes you better at doing something than civilized people. You can also, because it’s in quote marks, use it when your “uncivilized” behavior makes you a better person than others.
Accessory: Snake Skin headband. A large cobra deliberately shed his black and gold skin in front of you and told you to wear it. It serves as a +1 Tool for getting respect from major spiritual powers, such as the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy. (Note: This is lifted from a gift to Mary Poppins in one of the books, though that was a snakeskin belt, and she didn’t need it to get things’ respect.)
Superior Hunter 1 (From Creature of Fable Arc)


Rinley has 2 Normal, 1 Tough and 2 Divine Health Levels.

  • Wounds: (If Any)

She has 7/8 Will
She has 4/5 MP
She has 1 Free XP

Current Intentions:

  • None

Arc: Creature of Fable 1

Her Iconic appearance relates to looking like she was raised by animals, maybe in a rag-tunic like Maureen O’Sullivan in the old Tarzan movies, but with more typically Rinley hair. You can decide what her Between The Boundaries is for, though I like the "making traps" or "setting up a campsite" options.

It gives her the following powers:

  • Between the Boundaries (-) (Do cool things off stage)
  • Iconic (0 or 1 MP) (Have an iconic appearance)
  • Cut the Soul (1MP once per book; 2 MP a second time; 4 MP a second time per chapter) (Negate someone's power)
  • Superior Hunter (Noted above)
  • Frantic

Details are on page 525, CMWGE.

Powers And XP Actions Used

  • Cut the Soul: Used this book.
  • XP Action: Slice of Life (The Taste of Syrup)
  • XP Action: Shared Reaction (Lily's story about Pancake Week)

Anytime quest: Story Time

(3/9 XP)

You love storytelling, hearing tales, listening to them. Anytime a story can come up (once per scene/15 minutes) emphasize it by saying Story Time or some similar catchphrase.

Quest 1: The Truth About Pancakes

9 out of 15 XP

You definitely don’t want to sabotage Pancake Week. You’re (probably) not going to be the Grinch who stole Pancake Week. Even if it makes the doggies so unhappy — No, stop that line of thought Rinley. It makes other people happy… But why?. You’re gong to investigate. And not that boring going to the library sort of investigation. The fun sort!

Major XP (Two of three)

  • One of the Main Characters of other PCs tells you why Pancake Week is so important to them.
  • Before Pancake Week begins, you meet the Goddess Kostroma (possibly in a dream) or someone in a flawless Kostroma costume.
  • You break into a restaurant, syrup warehouse, or someplace similar, explicitly to learn more about pancakes.

Quest Flavor:

  • You gripe about Pancake Week to someone.
  • You stand on a roof or treetop looking down at people with a strange look in your eyes
  • You act as an audience surrogate, explaining or have explained to you the symbology of part of Pancake Week in a fun way.

Results: You have an understanding of Pancake Week now. You can take action. Also, you get a Storyteller 1 Perk (P. 413)

Quest 2: All the Fixings

(0 of 24 XP)

Pancake Week is about to start. Or maybe it just started. But it’s not too late to make it better. You know what you need to do.

Major Goals

  • You help to defie/establish (for the players) what your changes will be all aboutevent will be about;
  • You come across some elaborate preparations for Pancake Week (e.g., a large collection of games for Game Day) and "improve" them to fit your vision
  • A huge problem that threatens part of Pancake Day — not just your vision for it — comes up. And then you solve it.

Quest Flavor

  • Planning an overly elaborate scheme to change part of Pancake Week
  • Convincing someone to change one of the event’s biggest features
  • Preparing and rehearsing for things
  • constructing the things you’ll need (props, costumes, etc)
  • Standing somewhere with a megaphone, or shouting from a rooftop, trying to get people's attention
  • Dealing with completely goofy problems

Result: Someone noticed you. And may not like this. Also, Storyteller 2 Perk.

Quest 3: On The Lam

0 of 21 XP
You’ve made some enemy. Probably, though not definitely, someone who didn’t like your attempts to “improve” their holiday. You’re on the run from them. But you know the streets and back alleys of Fortitude; its maze-like structures. Or the confusing parts of Bluebell Park. Somewhere you have an edge.

This quest is just Labyrinth Diving with the title crossed out. You can copy the major goals and flavor quest from page 358, CMWGE.

Result: You’ve tied everything up neatly! Or know what you’d do if there was a sequel, to get a bigger prize. Either way, you get a Storyteller 3 Perk, and can advance to Creature of Fable 2. Just hang around with your awesome new powers till the rest of the PCs are done.

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