Natalie Coutourier

a Vampire Queen who is having the Worst Pancake Week Ever

Age: Centuries, if not more
Emotion XP: (Overacted) Shiver of Terror


Her Role is Queen of the Night, ruler of vampires, bats, the shining of the moon, and all of that business. Not that she does much ruling… but she could, and that's what counts.

Important Adventure Question

This is your first Pancake Week, what are you most excited for?

  • The Pancakes for the Dead at the start of the week because it is nice for people to remember we deceased… they always forget us when they're serving snacks.
  • The final offering. It is good to leave the past behind,,, maybe some day it won't catch up.
  • Pancake what? I do not know what you are talking about, strange nosy person.
  • Something else:



  • Superior Vampire 3
  • Superior Vitality 3
  • Superior Physical Control 1
  • Haute Couture 1


Bond [Based on Hero]: Queen of the Night
Affliction [Based on Sickness]: Dead Heart
Connection 1: The Survivor (You and she seem to have formed a friendship… though what you talk about is anyone's guess)


Natalie has 2 Normal, 1 Tough and 2 Divine Health Levels.

  • Wounds: (If Any)

She has 8 Will.

  • Used Will ?? of 8

She has 5 MP

  • Used MP ?? of 5

Arc: Allegory 1

Her Role is Queen of the Night, ruler of vampires, bats, the shining of the moon, and all of that business. Not that she does much ruling… but she could, and that's what counts. Her Failing is Memory, the whispering of the past to the now, Natalie's stories are going to feature a high number of ghosts, photo albums, scrapbooks, amnesiacs, and such. Her Truth is that she "… once studied at a Bleak Academy that is beyond life".


  • Unseen and Unheard It's hard to see, remember, or notice you if you don't want to be noticed (Obstacle 2).
  • A Shadow That is Night and Death and Void (0 MP once per Book; 4 MP afterward) Your shadow is a sucking hole of negative energy that can consume all light and life and love in its depths.
  • Inexorable (0 MP once per Book; 2 MP afterward) Compete with the Miraculous with your Mundane actions.
  • A Tangled History (0 MP once per Book; 1MP a second time per Book; 2MP a second time per Chapter) Retcon yourself into the past… or into something almost like the past, so you have information about something as if you were there.
  • Methods of Transportation (0 MP once per Book; 4 MP afterward) Claim a magical mode of transportation as a Superior Skill 2. (Start with the transportation mode (Superior) Turning into a Swarm of Bats 2)
  • Awaken (0 MP once per Book over several minutes; 2 MP afterwards; 4 MP activate instantly) Bring something to life and/or sentience
  • Immortality

Anytime quest: Peaceful Moments

(0/9 XP)

You are an ancient and terrible horror and that's hard. You try to be normal, to live a calm life. You've earned it. But… you can't not be who you are… and who you are tends to not be very nice. When you feel a peaceful moment of quiet reflection hold up a sign and show everyone the side that says At Peace. When you show it, look at the other side that says You'll ruin this, too.

Quest 1: Pancake Guru

0 out of 21 XP

When you came to Fortitude you lost something. You felt it tear away and take flight, something dark and ancient and terrible. Some memory or dream or wish took flight… and now it stalks the good people of Fortitude. A monster attacking people is definitely going to throw a pall over Pancake Week!

You can feel it out there in the night… and you're not sure what it is that you're going to do once your find it.
Major XP:

  • Someone accuses you of controlling the shadow or being the shadow.
  • You have a scary fight scene with the shadow and lose, run away, or can't finish it off.
  • You track it to its lair at "Madcaps' Nave," atop the Blakley House, where it nests with bits and pieces of your memories.

Flavor XP:

  • prowling the rooftops
  • making a new friend/acquaintance while out hunting the shadow
  • helping someone who's in trouble or
  • talking about your past in France, developing the memories that the shadow is nesting on

Result: You've resolved the situation, killing the shadow bat or reintegrating it or setting it free or… whatever. Fortitude is safe again! And, maybe, just maybe, you feel a bit better? You gain a Knight 1 Perk, and, if you feel it appropriate, you can also mark off your Dead Heart Affliction.

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[size=1](Overacted) Shiver of Terror[/size]
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