Lily Watanabe

the Survivor, the head of a shrine family who is having the Worst Pancake Week Ever

Age: About 20
Emotion XP: Putting My Faith In You


Until you were 10 or 12 or so, Pancake Week was the best time ever for you, Lily Watanabe. Your family was busy making sweets (and a nice profit, and getting the respect of Fortitude) for the celebrations, There was dancing. There were dolls. There were celebrations to honor a goddess.

Then a different goddess was killed, and most of your family burned as she fell to earth.

It was years ago, and you’re over it. Well, you’ve moved on with your life. You understand you need to live in the present, savor the sweet things life brings while accepting the slight bitterness that lingers — just like a caramel, or Watanabe candy. You supervise your relatives as they make the Watanabe candy, protecting Fortitude from the Outside dust; it’s important.

But this year, it’s hard. You’ve just lost your great uncle Daisuke. He was old, and died peacefully, but it’s made you realize how short handed the Watanabes are, just a handful left. How important they are to Fortitude. And to make treats for Pancake week.

Important Adventure Question


  • The Pancakes for the Dead at the start of the week are a great way to recall my family
  • The pancake eating. People always want dessert with meals; it’s great for business!
  • Girls Day. Happy memories there.
  • Something else:

Answer:Lily Watanabe's favorite part of Pancake Week is the very end, when they burn the goddess' effigies. It is all bittersweet, like a perfectly flavored Watanabe candy, watching the carefully fashioned dolls and outfits and carvings go up in smoke.

I think this year she will be making her own costume to wear, for maximal bittersweet experiencing. It will probably have a mask, which cannot possibly lead to any confusions or misunderstandings. .


  • Conversationalist 3.
  • Know Your Candies 2
  • Chores 1
  • Seem Awesome and Magical 0 (She is awesome and magical, but it doesn’t necessarily show)
  • Cool 1
  • Shine 1 (People really like to work for her)


  • Affliction [Based on Calling]: I’m well respected in Fortitude
  • Connection 1: Fortitude (You have a place in Fortitude)
  • Connection 1: The Adventurer (His life of wild adventure is so different from yours of diligent work, and so fascinating)
  • Connection 1: The Wishing Child (who no doubt has a liking for a good Watanabe candy when he can get it.)


Lily has 2 Normal, 1 Tough and 2 Divine Health Levels.

  • Wounds: (If Any)

She has 8 Will.

  • Available Will 8/8

She has 5 MP

  • Available MP 4/5

Unspent XP: 3

Arc: Spiritual 1

Her Estate is "Things that are Bittersweet.” That encompasses things like seeing a loved one who’s died in your dreams and the taste of certain candies.

Elemental Warning (0 MP, 1 point free Strike) Know when the bittersweet is threatened, eg., a sugar beet shortage or a Wish that everyone is always happy.
Illusions (1 MP every few hours; 2 MP a second time) (Make the impression of something bittersweet, like recalling an old love that went bad)
Spirit-Sense (1 MP) (Know about Bittersweet things)
Spirit-Speaker (when Spirit-Sense activated) (Learn from bittersweet things, and ask them to do something they naturally would. This can be used to make candy taste amazing, to bring wild emotions under control, or make them flare up.)
Spirit Boost (2 MP once per chapter; 4 MP afterward) (Make a bittersweet experience really strong; a cup of lightly sweetened coffee might somehow last for days, a person experiencing something bittersweet might be too overwhelmed by emotion to do anything.)
Divine Mantle (1 MP) (Get 1 Miraculous Edge)

Anytime quest: Your Place In Fortitude

(1/9 XP)

Of all the PCs, you have the most responsibility. You’re head of Shrine Family. A tiny shrine family, to be sure, but a shrine family nonetheless. You’re known in Fortitude, and you have connections and obligations. You’ll express these through a catchprase “I’m a Watanabe. It’s what I do.”

Quest 1: A Park for Daisuke

2 out of 21 XP

You’ve arranged with the Fortitude Council to name a park in memory of great-great-uncle Daisuke Watanabe, the last of his generation to pass away. There’s a park that’s been neglected for years, and you’re cleaning it up as a tribute to the man. But it’s not going to be as easy as doing some weeding.

Major XP:

  • A PC or other Main Character argues that making this park is bad (e.g., “but the overgrown trees provide shade for vulnerable vampires in the day!”
  • A PC or other Main Character argues that the park is essential (e.g., “I want a playground closer to my home and you could put one here.”
  • You are visited by a ghost, spirit or something associated with Death while in the Park
  • You miss an important appointment somewhere because work on the park consumes you

Flavor XP:

  • Reminiscing about Daisuke and why it’s important to remember him
  • You get scratches, exhausted, or other minor injuries due to all the work you’re putting in to the park.
  • You mention your work in the park in a completely inappropriate setting (e.g., while fighting a giant bird, or when you’ve promised you’ll shut up about the park for a few hours) because it’s consuming you
  • Someone in the community asks you about the park
  • Something happens to momentarily make you think the park is a bad idea

Result: Building the park has cleared your head, and you now know what you have to do, or at least have some ideas. You also gain an Otherworldly 1 Perk (p. 407, CMWGE). Also, if you wish, you can assign a Region Property to the park by spending a Recharge Token. (There can only be one, but you can change it with another Token.)

Quest 2: Refusal of the Call

(0 of 12 XP)

You know how to keep the Watanabe family going. It would work, but there’s something really unpleasant about your solution. (Marrying someone you don’t like? Opening Watanabe franchises? Becoming a teacher at the Horizon School to teach a generation of new candymakers?) You’re not going to enact it yet.

Major XP:

  • you build or show a strong emotional bond to an “opposite number”—someone working at cross purposes to what you will become.
  • they offer to help you but you have to turn them down.

Quest Flavor

  • pleading with a rival/enemy to understand you
  • Exploring and having fun
  • A phone rings but isn’t answered, or you get a letter and deliberately don't open it.
  • someone helps you while you’re throwing up (from overwork? Sickness? A poisoned candy?)

Result: You’re release some of the worry, and part of you acknowledges the Watanabes will never be the family you grew up in. Also, you gain an Otherworldly 2 perk,

Quest 3: Take a Deep Breath

0 of 24 XP

You know and accept what you have to do. You’re going to spend this quest exploring the consequences of the last quest, slowly and contemplatively.

Major XP:

  • You walk among the just blooming flowers in the park you created;
  • You read or tell someone the stories the Watanabes;
  • You share a precious (to you) drink or meal with someone
  • You say goodbye properly to an(other) old friend.

Flavor XP:

  • Continuing to tend Daisuke Watanabe Memorial Park
  • Making repairs (to park equipment, the Watanabe shop, etc.)
  • Staring into a fire
  • watching children or animals playing
  • Playing ball, Frisbee, or something of the sort
  • having an encounter with something that seems at fist to be dramatic and scary, before turning out to be perfectly safe and friendly
  • waking up with water dripping on you, or an animal nosing you

Result: You find that part of you hasn't changed — or won't. Also, you gain an Otherworldly 3 perk, and if you want, Sentimental 2. Hang around while the other PCs finish up their quests.

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