Worst Pancake Week Ever

The Worst Pancake Week Ever

An adventure for Chuubo's Marvelous Wish Granting Engine

Welcome to The Worst Pancake Week Ever, a Gothic adventure for Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish Granting Engine. In this adventure, your character is going to have a horrible Pancake Week (if you have the backer’s draft of Fortitude By The Docks of Big Lake, the holiday’s described on page 436).


Gothic Adventure

The following are Genre actions. Note the last one is not normally part of the Gothic Genre.

  • Slice of Life
  • Shared Action
  • Shared Reaction
  • Obsessive Action
  • Ritual Action (Worst Pancake Week Ever)

Notes on this adventure:

  1. Time keeping is something like "soap opera time" or "comic book time." The action begins about a week before Pancake Week, and moves at a dramatically appropriate pace, probably entering Pancake Week as most of the characters are finishing up their first quest.
  2. Flashbacks, dreams and other time manipulation techniques are welcome.
  3. The Worst Pancake Week Ever Ritual begins with a player throwing in an XP and saying "Normally my Favorite Part of Pancake Week is (e.g. Girls' Day), but this week I had the Worst Pancake Week Ever." Other players bring up reasons why it was bad, (e.g., "Was it the special soup they served?") and you build up a sob story on why the event was horrible.

Conventions and Properties

Game Conventions

  • Masks are extremely effective
  • Turning into a giant snake will not help

Fortitude Properties since most of the game will probably take place there.

  • Things must have simplicity.
  • Things can’t move quickly.
  • Work must be fruitful.
  • People must remember where they come from.
  • You have a home in Fortitude.

Notable NPCs

  • Ezther Titov, who has changed since an encounter with the Thing Under the Shrine.
  • Melancholy and Mortimer Schwan, the normally levelheaded and cheerful morticians who claim Vixoth as a pet, who are inexplicably moody.
  • The First Free Dog, an ancient zombie dog, the unspoken (unspeakable?) mascot of Fortitude and friend/guardian of Rinley
  • Owler, an escaped fragment from the Vampire Queen, threatening Fortitude.

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