HG Notes


  • Vasilisa - The rumours I spread become real! (Reality Syndrome)
  • Kagami - All Mirrors are doorways to the Mirror World while I'm touching them (Primordial)


  • Manny - Over His Head 1, Calling 3, Complex 1
  • Kun - Trust 1, It Never Stops! 2, Mystery 1
  • Vasilisa - Complex 3, Trust 1, Sickness 2
  • Inigo - Vice 1, Hero 2
  • Kagami - Mystery 2, Complex 1
  • Adelaide - Mystery 2, Something to Deal With 1, Complex 1

3xp Quest Goals

  • Manny
    • get in trouble trying to reach out to or connect with the target of this quest;
    • get in trouble trying to help the target of this quest, and it or they in some fashion support you
  • Kun
    • You are called before the Principal or another authority figure and have to take responsibility for something, whether you deserve it or not
    • You’re sent into an underworld, be it basement, cave, oubliette, dungeon, or literal world of the dead
    • You are bullied, publicly ridiculed or someone spreads a particularly nasty rumor about you
    • Others stumble across the secret graveyard and the Lost Underworld;
    • You establish a reason why the Lost Underworld is damaged and needs your attention;
    • You establish a reason why the Lost Underworld is hurting you, breaking you, damaging your ability to live an ordinary life.
  • Vasilisa
    • Someone uses one of your newspaper articles against you in some way.
    • The Newspaper serves as a crucial reference in resolving some conflict or solving some mystery.
    • You sort out your head on some issue and write a story about it in the School Newspaper.
    • The School Newspaper Contains an important secret, or people falsely believe it does.
    • You’re dazzled by a visit to a great collection or store for this hobby;
    • Someone demonstrates why you shouldn’t underestimate the depth of complexity and heart put into this hobby;
    • You become involved in a fan project for creating, modifying, distributing, or building upon the things of this hobby.
  • Inigo
    • Inigo declares publicly that he is taking up the burden of the Cause: someone explicitly puts the problem in his hands, or something explicitly causes you him it up
    • Inigo encounters entrenched opposition to him solving this problem (be it an authority figure, a privileged beneficiary or a third party that refuses to get involved) and it ends in his humiliation or defeat.
    • you convince someone to join your band
    • your band plays its first gig
  • Kagami
    • you have a traumatic transformation or dissociation scene in play, where your reality gets weird because your true nature is changing or revealing itself.
    • you see a confusing vision, nightmare, or premonition of your or someone else’s death.
    • you meet and get the chance to help a mysterious child find their way.
  • Adelaide
    • you make an important gesture reaffirming (or rejecting) your dedication to your family;
    • you encounter a member of your family;
    • you get into a row with your family, or a row about family in general;
    • three chapters slip by without obvious IC progress on the quest.
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