HG Cheat Sheet


  • Chuubo - Ordinary (Calling)
  • Natalia - Frozen Heart (Sickness)


  • Chuubo - Calling 1
  • Rinley - Something to Deal With 1, Complex 1
  • Seizhi - Calling 1, Complex 2, Trust 1, Isolation 1
  • Natalia - Isolation 2, Sickness 1, Something to Deal With 1
  • Leonardo - Calling 1, Sickness 1
  • Miramie - Isolation 1, Calling 1

3xp Quest Goals

  • Chuubo
    • Find someone in Fortitude who can help you or teach you how to help yourself
    • Put a name and a face to the power that's been haunting me from afar
    • Formed an important connection to it—recognized that power as, say, a friend, enemy, parent, or SO..
  • Seizhi
    • Do something connecting me to death and rebirth, the sky, a holy mountain, or the Sun
    • Find a place for myself in Fortitude
    • -Establish a context for my interactions with the Walker in Darkness as a friend/ally or enemy/rival-
  • Rinley
    • -Trouble starts or gets much worse in a well staged way-
    • Someone rescues you
    • You stand in a shadowed place and tell someone a secret, then run away before they can react
  • Natalia
    • Someone accuses you of controlling the snake or being the snake.
    • You have a scary fight scene with the snake and lose, run away, or can’t finish it off.
    • You track it to its lair at “Madcaps’ Nave,” atop the Archive of Professor Hideo Hayashi, where it nests with bits and pieces of your memories.
  • Leonardo
    • you explicitly take (or get handed) responsibility for dealing with the riled-up Outside;
    • you construct some sort of defensive perimeter;
    • you encounter the former sun or the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy;
    • three chapters pass without obvious IC progress on this quest.
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    • you get someone to show you the ropes of the Archive;
    • you stumble on/are shown the hidden upper floors, where the Outside bleeds in.
  • Miramie
    • Others stumble on your hidden room.
    • You establish a reason why you need the hidden room — why it’s sustaining you, why you’d be at risk without it.
    • You establish a reason why the hidden room is hurting you, breaking you, damaging your ability to live an ordinary life.
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