Hedge The Fang

The Book of Names - Hedge The Fang

A large feline beast with no eyes and no skin. Shaper of the Seas and the Endless Skies, rules from his domain inside (or accessed through?) the moon.

The name of Hedge the Fang is Unmindful.

The heralds of Hedge the Fang are
unholy wisdom in the eyes of a cat; clouds racing vigorously across the sky, and changing their various forms; sloth, torpor, and lassitude; and a sense of dissolution.

The weapons of Hedge the Fang are
cats and ferrets; clouds, waves, and wind; and existential doubt.

You turn Hedge the Fang aside by
mindfulness; suffering; careful attention to the world around you; insight into others’ hearts.

Hedge the Fang kills by ripping you apart; eating you; taking away what makes you into yourself.

Hedge the Fang is drawn to comfort; complacency; thoughtlessness.

Hedge the Fang hungers for your surrender.

You may kill Hedge the Fang by accepting the truths you have denied most fiercely.

Hedge the Fang is reborn when
the world needs someone, again, to shape the sea and the endless sky.

These are from an old preview Jenna did that can still be accessed through googles Cache, but seems to be down otherwise. Possibly outdated by now, but it's good enough I think.

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