The Marvelous Wish Granting Engine

This Ritual begins whenever Chuubo chooses to invoke the Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine (that is, from now on Threlicus can invoke it whenever it is feasible for him to do so). He goes down to the house it's in and starts it up and makes a wish.

Specifically, the Ritual is officially invoked whenever Chuubo says something like:

"I wish… [insert wish here]"

Then everyone else gets to do one of the following:

  • State or emote your reaction to some recent event
  • Offer a short description of the Engine or Lilimund as it, or she, work to make the wish come true
  • Offer a short description of the wish beginning to take effect, and any change in the world that might result from that.
  • Emote a reaction to the wish. This can be a reaction to aforementioned changes, a reaction to Chuubo if you happen to witness him making the wish, or even, if your character is nowhere nearby, a reaction to the hypothetical "what if Chuubo made a wish like…?" or similar hypothetical.
  • Doing something that starts a different Ritual, if you can, and combining the two Rituals thereby

Because Rituals are weird like that, the, erm, let's say canonicity of these changes or reactions is a little suspect. So don't be afraid to write something weird and then dial it back as "my character didn't really say that, but perhaps s/he would have if s/he had been there"; or be surprised if I ignore a description of change that I feel is too large-scale or implausible.

When everyone has posted once, or after some reasonable span of time if people are busy or something, I will post a final wrap up Ritual action, the Ritual ends, and the wish takes effect.

Doing it this way also gives me time to think about what effects the wish might have, before I actually have to narrate it.

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