Seizhi Schwan

the Best Friend

Name: Seizhi Schwan
Academics Skill: Good
Sports Skill: Ordinary
Favourite Foods: Teriyaki, Ice Cream
Blood Type: A
Animal: Ox
Age: 15

Bonus XP Emotion: Thumbs up

Mundane Abilities

Know Stuff 3
Exist 3
Do Stuff 1
Ordinary 1

Chuubo 4
Wish Spirits 1

Miraculous Abilities

Become Somebody 3 (Going on 4!)

Arc power: Frantic — Can take the (be in) Trouble at any time its conditions can be met, and get an extra MP (up to starting MP), as well as another extra MP for every point of XP sent to the Pot by the action.

Seizhi-sense — As a costless Miraculous ability, become able to see the influence of unreality on a situation; will require Skills to actually decipher.

Wish-sense — As a costless Miraculous ability, create a personal Affliction at (Become Somebody rating) declaring the ability to perceive the personhood, dreams, and wishing hearts of people (and animals). Sometimes, this may require Skills to make sense of.

Canonical History — Here are some things that have their actual factual truthiness protected by an Auctoritas of (Become Somebody) rating.

  • Seizhi is the child of Mortimer and Melancholy Schwan.
  • Seizhi almost beat Chuubo in that legendary soapbox derby a few years back.

Is This My Destiny? — A costless ability that creates a level 3 Affliction while Sustained to the effect of: "This must be who I am!" when trying to fit in anywhere. It provides:
…a (minimum) +1 Tool Bonus when doing what I should
…a (minimum) level (Become Somebody rating) Connection with the environment
…that the HG will sometimes provide Miraculous bennies at me
…that it's easy to forget things haven't always been this way

Touch the Heart — A 1 MP ability to produce a level (Become Somebody rating) Obstacle and Auctoritas to communicate when being Seizhi Schwan, cutting through traditional communication barriers.

Seizhi Syndrome — While Touch the Heart is active, declare this ability to infect someone with Seizhi Schwan-ness. It is immediately obvious when being used, takes Mundane actions to accomplish, and has time-based impact. It works as, and only through a, conversation. This can be tough to resist, since it's protected by an Auctoritas.

Reject — A 2 MP ability that's like Touch the Heart backward, making it difficult to be at all like Seizhi Schwan.

The Ugly Duckling Reversion — Like Seizhi Syndrome in reverse, but not requiring a conversation at all.

Touchstone — A 4 MP ability that creates a level (Become Somebody rating) Obstacle and Auctoritas protecting a new rating 4 Connection to someone or something while the action is sustained.

Touch the Heart (Powered Up) — a 4 MP ability to haunt someone as a break from reality. I can use as many crazy effects as I want or need to underline the fact that Seizhi Schwan is trying to communicate something to someone. Accomplishing anything else relies on the mundane action system. This all takes place before the target receives an opportunity to resist, run away, whatever.

Bonds & Afflictions

Bond: Chuubo's Best Friend (rating Calling Issue) — This helps in being, and hinders moving away from being, Chuubo's Best Friend
Affliction: "I can't refuse to help someone who is trying to live in the world" (rating Become Somebody)


Chuubo's Best Friend — A Bond with rating tied to the Calling Issue
Connection: The Wishing Boy at rating 4
Connection: Wish Spirits at rating 1
Affliction: "I can't refuse to help someone who is trying to live in the world" tied to Become Somebody

Lifepath Choices

Step 1: Choose your Name
I am a boy named Seizhi Schwan

Step 2: Choose your Nature
Before I was me, I was a part of the structure of the Outside

Step 3: Choose your Power
I can read the hearts of animals

Step 4: Name your Fear
I'm terrified that one morning I'll wake up, try to clear the last bit of dream from my head and I'll realize that I can't. That I'll try to move my arms and legs and head and mind and I'll realize that I'm not able to. And I'll panic and flail harder and harder, only I won't actually flail at all, and I'll realize that it's not working, that waking up isn't working, because I never existed.

Step 5: Choose your Favourite Scenes
Helping Chuubo out,
Exploring the world and my own existence, and
Declaring that I have FOUND my DESTINY

Step 7: Choose your Connections

  • The Wishing Boy 4
  • Wish Spirits 1


Hide the Evidence (9 XP chibi-quest)

  • When I go Over the Top fabricating gathering evidence of my existence as a completely real and non-phony person, or having it disproven cast doubt on, I get an XP toward this quest.

4 / 9

The Wishes of Birds and Beasts (15 XP quest)

  • When I go Over the Top helping animals achieve their wishes/dreams, I get a Bonus XP.

2 / 15

The Troubled Sky (21 XP quest)

  • I test myself against my vice - either giving in to it or realizing I'm stronger than I thought (1 time)
  • I'm introduced to *the Guardian Bird* on or shortly after a stormy night (1 time)
  • I receive a message from Jade Irinka (1 time)
  • Taking part in a wide variety of scenes that relate either literally or metaphorically to the current internal struggle (1/chapter)

Why are you Here? (21 XP quest Complete)

Changeable Stuff

Unallocated XP: 3

MP: 4 / 5
Will: 8 / 8

Sustained Actions
Intention 3 "scour the bushes for whatever's scaring the seagulls"
"Is This My Destiny?" (cat catcher, or is that animal catcher?)

"not at all through with Miramie" (Bond 1, must watch out for threats to/from Miramie Mesmer)

Calling: 2
Isolation: 1
It Never Stops!: 2
Trust: 1

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