Miramie Mesmer

The Dream-Witch

Who Are You?

I am… Miramie Mesmer! The Dream-Witch. (Formerly Melanie Malakh, the Magister of the Bleak Academy who along with a young glassmaker sent forth a glass dragon to unmake the world.) I am one of the strays that hangs around Professor Hideo Hayashi at his archive.

Your craft is… Making traditional masks.

Your magical mask making skill can…

  • Create mundane (if eerie and thought provoking) masks with no inherent obstacle.
  • Imbue a mask with emotional resonance, such that seeing it will produce an emotional reaction appropriate to what the mask depicts. Alternatively, the emotion affects the person wearing the mask. (obstacle 1)
  • Create a mask with moving, lifelike features. It’s still obviously a mask, but the expression is capable of changing and the mask can make minor alterations to itself, for example a happy face can become a sad face, human teeth can become razor sharp or blue eyes can suddenly become mirrors.(obstacle 1)
  • Create a mask so lifelike it can act as a disguise that mimics the face of any one creature or person. (obstacle 2)
  • Create a mask that convinces the wearer they *are* the creature or person the mask depicts. (Obstacle 2)
  • Create a mask that allows the wearer to shape-shift into any one creature. (obstacle 3)
  • Create a mask that allows the wearer to create magical illusions based around a specific theme relevant to the mask’s face. (obstacle 3)

But you’re still Melanie Malakh, right?
…I am. I guess. I mean, I’m what’s left of her.

Your problem is…
…money. You’ve got to earn a living in this world.

Your greatest power is something called the World-Breaker’s Hand, which can destroy almost anything, even the hum from a streetlight or the shadow of a shoe. Normally it actually unmakes the target…
…which is why I never use it on people.

You are most often seen…

  • Working on or at the art shop/café you’re putting together.
  • Crafting or selling masks.
  • Getting worked up about money.
  • Having, or peeking in on, a troubled dream.


Academics Skill: Above Average
Sports Skill: Above Average
Favorite Foods: Strawberries, apricots, sweet rice dumplings, stew, lamb shish kebab, salt mackerel, yakitori, black tea (milk, no sugar)
Blood Type: A
Animal: Boar
Age: Ageless/Indeterminate (You look approximately 16 years old.)

Mundane Skills
[2] Grace
[1] Market Trader
[2] Magical: Mask Making
[2] Magical: Changeling
[1] Superior: Dreamer
[1] Connection: The Archive
[1] Connection: Fortitude

Will: 2/8
Miraculous Will: 0/3
Miracle Points: 6/7


  • "Clean up the mess I've left in the Archive." (Base 2) (1 will +1 Connection: the Archive, +1 Tool while in the Archive)
  • "Help Sakura get better." (Base intention 2) (2 will)

Health Levels and Wounds

Normal Levels:    [ +1 Tool: “My attachments and values are contagious.”  ] [    ]
Tough Levels:     [    ]
Divine Levels:    [    ] [    ]


[1] Bond: I must honour the debt I owe Professor Hayashi and the archive.

[1] Bond: I try to be Sakura's friend.

[4] Bond: The blood of the old Principal runs through my veins, corrupting and thwarting the works of Melanie Malakh.

[Tied to (in) Over Your Head] Bond: I am driven to find, experiment with and catalogue the glass shards.

[3] Chuubo - You have a mysterious connection with the wishing boy.
[1] Nightmares' Angel - You feel like he's a good person under all that attitude.
[1] The Angel of Fortitude - When you forget to be terrified of him, he's actually not a bad person.

Experience and Issues

General XP Actions
Sympathetic Action Try to comfort or reassure someone frozen up from emotion, the spotlight or shock!
Foreshadowing You notice that you’re paying a lot of attention to something.
Discovery You’re doing something you’ve never done, or exploring somewhere new and it impacts you!
Reaction Shot Something happens…react to it!
Ritual Participate or react to one.
Transition React to one.

Emotion XP: Offering You Comfort



Genre XP Actions
Shared Action Find someone who's doing something simple and honest…connect to them!
Shared Reaction Talk things through with someone - sort out your head and/or theirs!
Slice of Life Travel, admire, or have a conversation that goes nowhere - experience stuff and emote to it!


On-Going Issues
[4] Vice - You can't keep this up. You know that. When the time comes, you'll have to set aside your Vice. It's going to be the only right thing to do. Sakura needs me to be her friend… but I kind of screwed that one up. It turns out that messing around with other people's dreams just because it's convenient for you has dire consequences.
[Resolved!] Sickness - You have fallen under the shadow of your past and accepted that you are Melanie Malakh. You're going to hurt people either way, so you have to take control. For the rest of the story, Melanie can create shikigami from flowers, shaped by her relationships to others.
[3] Trust - You’ve shown or acquired a connection to some power outside yourself. Your enjoying that connection, that relationship.
[1] Calling - You feel like there’s something you need to do, but you’re not sure what. You’ve forgotten, or you haven’t figured it out yet, or all the pieces haven’t come together yet for you to act…


[2] Accursed
Sickly Declare (suffer) corruption or trauma XP actions and take automatic points in the Sickness Issue.
The Hidden Room A sanctuary where Miramie can restore her MP and heal from the sickness of her nature.
The World Breaker's Hand Once per week (or more often with MP) Miramie can declare something unworthy of existence, obliterating it completely.
Strategist Shard Miramie loses MP when she suffers damage which would cause a Wound.
Who You Were The corrupting yet strangely seductive memories of your life as Melanie Malakh taint your life and work. Manifests as an Affliction tied to the Sickness Issue.

Miramie is prone to trials and her life is a sorrowful thing. Once every other chapter, she can declare herself under attack by corruption or trauma - invoking a suitable:

  • (Suffer) Corruption or
  • (Suffer) Trauma


  1. Being Run Over.
  2. Seeing the products of your hard work in tatters.

XP Action, automatically picking up a point of the Sickness issue, unless her Sickness issue is either at 5 or has just been recently resolved.

The Hidden Room

[1] Sentimental
Miraculous Ease Gain access to a pool of 3 Miraculous Will that can be used for actions related to the Wishing Boy or Professor Hideo Hayashi and the Archive.
The Dream-Witch's Shadow While sleeping, you can project yourself into the company of one of your treasures and perceive the world through their senses.
Lend Spirit While projecting into one of your treasures, you can help them resist influence or allow them to use your powers.
A Waking Dream Every few hours, for 1 MP, you can share senses with one of your treasures. While doing so they gain a +1 Tool bonus and (all else being equal) 1 point of Edge.
Treasure's Call You can feel when your treasures need you or are desperately trying to reach you.


Floating XP: 6

Under Siege
Type of Quest: Chibi
XP: 5/9
You've Lost Them (Simplified)
Type of Quest: Storyline
XP total: 4/12
  • You have created a fake Sakura from nightmare-clay and a Milkmay flower, and tried to make it real through Bleak sorcery.
A Friend in Need (Complete - Sustaining)
Type of Quest: Chibi, Quest (Emptiness) 1
XP: 9/9
  • Quest Miracle: You've been ignoring your family for too long. Sakura is clearly hurting and up till now you've noticed but done nothing. You need to be a better friend! You has resolved to reach out to Sakura, to guide her in the proper use of her power. You are creating a minion from your feelings of regret and obligation towards Sakura.
  • Gain 1 XP once every scene/10 posts that something happens which causes you to reach out and try to make friends or express your desire to help Sakura or be a better friend in general, generally by emoting something along the lines of: "I'm reaching out to you."

Completed Quests

The Hidden Room (Complete!)
Type of Quest: Storyline
XP total: 21/21
Reward: A variable bond tied to (in) Over Your Head.
Fascination (Simplified) (Complete!)
Type of Quest: Storyline
XP total: 12/12
Reward: A 4 point Bond representing a weakness or frailty.
The Teahouse (Complete!)
Type of Quest:
XP: 21/21
Reward: Permanent Connections to Fortitude and the Archive.

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