Leonardo De Montreal

Nightmares' Angel

Oh, what did you say? Haven't you heard? The marvelous, utterly incomparable wunderkind scientist is back in Town, none other than the master of Nightmare Science himself, Leonardo de Montreal. I would now say that this particularly dashing boy scientist is pretty much the standard version of the Nightmares' Angel, but describing the greatest scientist Town has ever seen as "standard" would, naturally, be sacrilege. If anything, he is the standard all you pathetic worms must aspire to! But do not worry, he will lead by example and he is definitely not just in Fortitude because he will soon die in the waters of Big Lake.

Name: Leonardo de Montreal
Academics Skill: Utterly Incomparable
Sports Skill: Reinforced by Science!
Favorite Foods: Ramen, Hot Chocolate, Schadenfreude
Blood Type: B
Animal: Tiger
Age: 16

Mundane Abilities

You have 8 Will and the following mundane abilities —

  • Weather-Sense 2. You have an uncanny sense for weather.
  • Perseverance 2. You’re good at not giving up.
  • Love for the Wicked 1. You believe even the worst deserve kindness.
  • Shield 1. You’re oddly familiar with protecting people.
  • Dream Analysis 0. Your dream analysis helps only rarely.
  • People Skills 0. You’re uncomfortable with people.
  • Swimming -1. You’re not good with water.
  • Domestic Tasks -1. You’re not good around the house.
  • Nightmare Science 2. You practice a unique form of science.

Miraculous Arcs and Powers

Wounded Angel 3

Sickly (XP Action)
Take a Corruption or Trauma XP Action to raise your Sickness Issue

Oh, You Fool! (IM)
You are likely to show up in scenes where you see people at their worst or most helpless

Nightmare Devices (Special)

  • The Abhorrent Sun-Sustaining Superconductor (used your heart to rekindle the sun)
  • The Mechanism of Original Sin (a moral prosthetic)
  • The Ritually Impure Manservice Machine (robo butler)
  • The Outside-Measuring Caliper (indicates an increase of Outside storms)
  • The Incomparable Nightmare-Engine (supercharges your nightmare science, also better than Chuubo's dumb engine!)
  • A bunch of miscellaneous nightmare materials used for your science

(Cage for a) Blasphemy (IM)
A horrible swamp of rot and poison leaks out of you when you lose your last Divine Health Level

Empowered Wounds (IM)
Empower one of your Wounds to gain new powers

Recover (Special)
Forsake one of your powers so the associated wound can heal

Supreme Invocation (IM, Ritual)
Supercharge one of your wound-powers to a Wish-Level Effect

The Wayward Heart (IM)
Supercharge your Connection to the Child of the Sun

The Deeds of the Binder (MA, Quest Miracle)
Quest Miracles for Binding Arcs

Empowered Wound: Heartless

You have no heart in your chest. That’s why stabbing you in the chest is so naïve!

Heartless Perfection (MA)
Immune to blood loss, chest wounds and emotional attacks while in the dark, do heartless work with machine-like perfection while in the dark

Supreme Heartlessness (IM)
Recover from anything while in the dark, including death.

The Incomparable Nightmare Engine (IM, Ritual)
Invokes a wish that says "I wish this piece of Nightmare Technology would actually work." Mostly makes the products of your Nightmare Science more durable and their effects permanent. Counts as a use of Supreme Invocation.

Empowered Wound: Friendless

You have forsaken friendship and love. (read: totally tsundere)

I Alone May Save You (MA)
Given some time, you can heal others if they are beyond medical science, save or protect them from harm

Holding up the Sky (IM)
With some preparation, you can endure an impossible burden indefinitely

Memory's Surcease (IM, Ritual)
Invokes a wish that basically says "I wish we would all just forget [some memory]". Counts as Supreme Invocation.

Empowered Wound: Corrupted

The Bleak Academy has turned your dreams into worms and rot inside your head.

The Stuff of Nightmares (MA)
Fish some Nightmare Devices out of another persons nightmares.

The Sickness Rises (IM)
When you dream, your nightmares full of rotting swamp and drowning invade reality around you.

From the Land of Rot and Poison (IM, Ritual)
Invokes a wish that says "I wish a Nightmare Horror would come forth from my dreams and do [A specific task]". Counts as Supreme Invocation.

Empowered Wound: Glorious

You're just better than everyone around you! But being surrounded by fools is getting pretty insufferable after a time.

Superiority (MA)
Figure out whether someone is lying, his wicked thoughts or how he is most likely to betray you.

Flash of Insight (IM)
After obsessing over it for a while, you are able to figure out someone's plans against you.

Once an Angel (IM, Ritual)
Invokes a wish that basically says "I wish I could grow wings of blood and fire". Practically outs you as a Fallen Angel, with the baggage that entails. Counts as a use of Supreme Invocation


  • Connection: The Wishing Boy 2 0. No! No no no! You are not connected to him in any way!
  • Connection: The Child of the Sun 1. It is oddly easy to get along with the Child of the Sun.
  • Accessory: The Angel's Wing A red catamaran, that allows you to use Miraculous Will for navigation/sailing purposes while using it.
  • Bond: Nightmare Blood 2 Like the Principal's Change-Blood, but warps things into living Nightmares instead.


Basic Quest: Natural Scientist (5/9)

Stalking Chuubo Being near Chuubo completely by accident (15/15)

Walking Shirtless Scene - Over the Top! (5/9)

Bindings Arc

Bindings 1: The Outside Stirs (24/24)
*constructed a perimeter
*met the headmaster
*took responsibility for getting the sun to move again

Bindings 2: Someone's in Trouble (Simplified) (12/12) DONE
*comitted to help Kenichi(DONE)

  • Nightmares spill over (DONE)

Bindings 3: Engineering (0/21)

  • You complete a major inventory, map, survey, or other exploration of the territory (often dream- or dream-like territory) at hand
  • You work towards a reconciliation between apparent rivals, enemies, opposing forces, or even with something oppressing you or someone you care about
  • You find a hidden well or spring of pure or untainted water

Connecting With Miramie (Dramatic Version) (4/21)

  • Get in trouble trying to reach out to or connect with Miramie
  • Get in trouble trying to help Miramie and she supports you in some fashion (DONE)
  • An attempt to connect with Miramie ends in a hilarious and/or tragic misunderstanding

Mutable Stats

Floating XP: 9

Chapter Status:
Will: 8/8
MP: 7/5

Season Status:


2 Normal, 1 Tough, 2 Divine (1 Wounded), 4 Empowered


Sickness 3 - There's something that you can't give up. Remember? But it's not like that will save you. You have so many other things to lose…
Isolation 1 - You are not alone. You’re not lost. You’re not messed up.
Are you?

It Never Stops! 1 - There’s some over-the-top stuff going on. It makes it harder to just relax and be yourself. But you can handle it. You can stay cool. You can just, you know, help a little, or be a little rebellious or snarky, or explain carefully why you don’t want to be involved, and then you’re done, bam, in, out, simple, and you can go back to being you.

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